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Since it's now dead...

Aug 19, 2018 by Yoshitomi
I'mma spam a dead blog.
Did these sound good or bad?


I like them
Sent by KrisStory,Aug 19, 2018
Thanks KrisStory 😅 Even the killing-other-district-member-for-profit idea?
Sent by Yoshitomi,Aug 19, 2018
Stop fishing for compliments
Sent by Catch_a_falling_star,Aug 19, 2018
yoshitomi I think that any change would be beneficial! It would be like giving someone a target to go after in the game!
Sent by KrisStory,Aug 19, 2018
I need this in my life
Sent by Katherinee_,Aug 19, 2018
Catch_a_falling_star I can't get enough of that Sugar Crisp. 🙈
Sent by Yoshitomi,Aug 19, 2018
Sent by BengalBoy,Aug 19, 2018

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