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  1. Which survivor season should I watch first
  2. Why the hell
  3. PYN and I will
  4. How much are shops these days?
  5. I need the female skin to complete
  6. i miss my friends x
  7. Should I come Back here
  8. I might make my return to Tg later
  9. hey everyone :)
  10. how much is a shop
  11. btw i still exist
  12. I’m just popping on
  13. who's going this week?
  14. I find it hilarious
  15. I am online for once
  16. I just saw that
  17. Dru
  18. bb17 homework
  19. BB17 Question
  20. If I am needed
  21. Hey!
  22. Just wanted to say
  23. honestly
  24. Is BB21
  25. I just saw that
  26. CASA AMOR.
  27. Help me! (Date help)
  29. Love Island Ranking
  30. Casting
  31. Super Late Stars Support
  32. ----- ItsAlexia<3-----
  33. -----lexeyjane <3-----
  34. -----LIVVIEBOO12 <3-----

hey everyone :)

Sep 19, 2019 by Yonaka
how is everyone doing


Hi Yonaka :) i like your name and avatar - it's unique
Sent by Kindred7,Sep 19, 2019
thanks! Check out the band! Kindred7 they're my faves
Sent by Yonaka,Sep 19, 2019
Yonaka I just listened to Rockstar and Lose our Heads - I like them :D I was just thinking that I don't like a lot of stuff on the radio these days, so thanks for introducing them to me! Any songs in particular you recommend?
Sent by Kindred7,Sep 19, 2019

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