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Eurovision 2023 my memorys

Apr 6, 2024 by Yoko_Homo
I liked Loreen in 2012. It was my first Eurovision and although she wasn't my favorite I liked her a lot!

Then in 2024 she made an empty and stupid song with a ridiculous and expensive staging and won.

I was very upset by how overrated and believed that woman is. I saw the Eurovision final in a well-known gay club in Buenos Aires that always shows Eurovision there.

When it was Loreen's turn I refused to see her and went to have a beer.

I went to see the screening alone but I exclaimed to a group of strangers: I don't want Sweden to win!! and a nice woman with short brown hair told me: don't worry, Sweden won't win.

and ended up winning. The rest of the night was wild and I can't give details about that but I was very upset with Sweden's victory. Although I didn't care much about Finland since I supported Estonia with Bridges

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