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Eurovision Semi finals 1 - comments

May 15, 2019 by YogscastBigbrother21

Cyprus - This was deserved. It was just a phenomenal performance, much better than expected.

Slovenia - Was this really final worthy? It was boring and all they do is stare at each other, it was highly distracting from the actual song.

Czech republic - Deserved. highly energetic and just very enjoyable.

Belarus - This song really grew on me at the last second but I am still not sure if this was final worthy.

Serbia- YAASSS, THE BEST OF THE LOT. This was by far my favorite of the semi.

Australia - This was very average in my opinion. Conflicted if it should have been in the final.

Iceland -  Shouting is NOT singing. Nothing more to say.

Estonia - my mum (who hates 90% of all eurovsion songs) loved this song. I mean like I thought it was vocally bad but the rest was ok.

Greece - This was brilliant, I just loved this song.

San Marino - No, I refuse, No No.



yes u gonna like it
Sent by BarbraStreisand,May 15, 2019
ur opinions on Serbia, Australia, Iceland, and San Marino are home of phobic
Sent by Insanity,May 15, 2019
lmao the australia hate is pathetic
Sent by Lalisa,May 16, 2019

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