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Top 10 nicest Tengagers

3rdOct 25, 2020 by Yawnha
This is from my perspective so there is plenty of people I probably missed. lol

10: crazybone5000 : He´s a really nice person, and you can tell. He is a unproblematic king. I may have not played many games with him, but when I do he´s a nice caring dude.

9- FromAWindow : He is a genuinely nice person and gives you advice. He again is unproblematic, and so caring. I could go on and on about him lol.

8- Memphis_Grizzlies : I think he really gets misjudged on Tengaged as just a Democrat activest. He is truly a nice person, and when I had to deal with some not so nice people. He helped me out. He is a king

7- Sebbers I literally have barely even talked to him but he is soher t nice. And also likes to help people out on this site. No wonder he always gets far in Stars, showing he is a nice person, and helped out many other Tengagers.

6- ilysuiteheart He definitely got a lot of bad impressions lately from one of his latest blogs. But at the end of the day, he was so nice and  He always tried to be fair in games, and helped people out. ily

5- lmaobrit2214 I think he also gets bad vibes from many people for being quite controversial and a ¨troll¨. But he is definitely really nice, when I first talked to him. He gave me help in school, life advice, ect.. Don´t judge a book by its cover

4- Lynn12 - like so nice and easily helps out for a lot lol. She energy is wonderful and is such an easy person to talk to and relate to.

3- cheritaisdelicious  Despite it being annoying the amount of frooks she wins, she is so nice and always has the best vibe and energy. She is another one who you can always talk to and she acknowledges her mistakes. A queen

2- SmoothStalker12 He is nice, hilarious, and helping. He has helped me out with various things on Tengaged such as hosting a comp in my group game, and lots of more. You can easily talk to him. He is a KING.

1- Becksta20 I think a lot more people need to give her recognition. She joins people charities, throws games to help out other people, and so much more. If you even need any help, go to her. She has the best spirit and energy and is truly amazing. She has given me several times advice on how to deal with people on here. She is truly a QUEEN! ily and thank you for everything you have helped on this site. We need more people like you. Can we give her a Stars win? lol


why am i not on there
Sent by iSandeh,Oct 25, 2020
becksta20 deserves this 1st place but

Sent by Mrkk,Oct 25, 2020
Where am I?
Sent by iiCreazyGX,Oct 25, 2020
sebbers is lovely
Sent by connorthomson,Oct 25, 2020
Mrkk and iiCreazyGX you are both really funny and nice but kinda missed the list lol you would´ve both been around 10-20
Sent by Yawnha,Oct 25, 2020
Thanks yawn 🤗 I’ll gladly accept #4!! 🙌🏻🙂
Sent by Lynn12,Oct 25, 2020
Um why are so many people negging this? LMAO do I need to make the top 10 most vile Tengagers cause I can easily make a list
Sent by Yawnha,Oct 25, 2020
You tell em Yawnha king
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Oct 25, 2020
Awwwwww you’re so sweet, this really lifted my spirits :)) Thank you!!! :))
Sent by FromAWindow,Oct 25, 2020
lynn12 is so underrated for me, amazing user
Sent by Mrkk,Oct 25, 2020
Am I 11
Sent by joey65409,Oct 25, 2020
joey65409 you would be like 17 lol
Sent by Yawnha,Oct 25, 2020
Aww thank you 🙏 mrkk
Sent by Lynn12,Oct 25, 2020
Awww how sweet, thank you yawnha always happy to help 😊
Sent by Becksta20,Oct 25, 2020
King <3
Sent by crazybone5000,Oct 25, 2020
Ty my child 💕💕 always here if you need anything!
Sent by ilysuiteheart,Oct 25, 2020
Aw thank you! I loved this list, always good to see some positivity and I definitely agree with number 1!
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Oct 25, 2020
awee great !
Sent by lmaobrit2214,Oct 25, 2020
Awww this is super sweet!  Thank you :)
Sent by Sebbers,Oct 25, 2020
yawnha I love the contains spoilers warning lol
Sent by giovannimaxroma,Oct 25, 2020
Sent by Yawnha,Oct 25, 2020
Bad list.
Yawnha didn't get 10th
Sent by ColinCoco,Oct 26, 2020
you forgot me
Sent by SAWCHUK55,Oct 26, 2020
Such a good list ! :)
Sent by AmandaBynes,Oct 26, 2020
list is totally wrong but ok....
Sent by Music,Oct 26, 2020

LOL, tjhe one who lost a a friend by suicide smh
Sent by Carvalho,Oct 26, 2020
Sent by BbDamian,Oct 26, 2020
Carvalho you're absolutely psychotic if you think its funny to laugh at someone who lost a friend, especially due to something as serious as suicide. Chris is one of the greatest people on this site and doesn't deserve that being brought up randomly as if its an attack on him. He doesn't need to be reminded of that for your own entertainment. Grow the fuck up.
Sent by Paige54,Oct 26, 2020

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