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comment a artist and I´ll rank it

11thOct 21, 2020 by Yawnha
I´m bored lol, inspired by letal
Oh and remember a 13 year old is ranking this crap
Listening to most of these people for the first time
Oh and I´ll keep updating this btw

ok don´t judge me but One Direction slaps lol

shakira- .....

Meghan trainor- her old music was bad though lol

Beyonce (pls dont hate me)


Yebba ok

- Big Gap


Chloe x Halle- of that tiktok sing
Dolly Parton- sounds old
- everything below is just bad lol

shanedawson guy- I..... dont like rap lmao

Yoko Ono- weird

No doubt- EW NO pulled up a random song and they music video..... no.....

Jay Z - oh ew hate his random song I pulled up

Colin Coco

Pablo Picasso


chloe x halle
Sent by turkeylover,Oct 21, 2020
Jay Z
Sent by danyyboy67,Oct 21, 2020
Dolly parton
Sent by IONA0,Oct 21, 2020
Yoko ono
Sent by LornaHollas,Oct 21, 2020
letal made it first
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Oct 21, 2020
Pablo Picasso
Sent by maturo,Oct 21, 2020
I blogged this first wtf

Sent by Letal,Oct 21, 2020
letal my bad lol fixed it
Sent by Yawnha,Oct 21, 2020
Meghan trainor
Sent by iiCreazyGX,Oct 21, 2020

the guy who sings this
Sent by ShaneDawson12345,Oct 21, 2020
Sent by FromAWindow,Oct 21, 2020
one direction
Sent by ILoveLarry,Oct 21, 2020
No Doubt
Sent by NewNightmare7,Oct 21, 2020
Sent by pinkiepie512,Oct 21, 2020
Sent by zach3051,Oct 21, 2020
Colin Coco
Sent by ColinCoco,Oct 22, 2020
Any type of kpop, preferably twice. I just wanna know your opinion lol
Sent by CrystalClod,Oct 22, 2020

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