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Sims Big Brother Episode 4

Aug 20, 2019 by Yandereboy12
you know the rules and what do u think of the nominees and give your thoughts on the alliances

Isabella Antonb
Jace Lhooper902976
Maritza Hellocat
Derrick Firex
Cassandra austino15fffan
Tristen Jameslu
Mckenzie  Patricenka9
Doug Piesyumyyumypies
Opal Glinda
Issac Prague
Valarie Tide
Darren Jasoi
Dirk Colincoco
Nina Gilsgirl
Leah Amnesia_

16th Place - Wesley Gay_Horse_


I still hate McKenzie and her attitude towards the others is pathetic/childish. However, her working with Nina should be really awesome.

Valerie’s a classic case of playing too hard too fast at the beginning and it’s gonna cost her in the end.

Isabella causing Doug to be the target <3333 Icon
Sent by AntonB,Aug 20, 2019

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