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Sims Big Brother Episode 2

Aug 16, 2019 by Yandereboy12
remember the rules guys

(note if you watch the videos when i dont post it ill kick you off so pls dont as it loses my trust in you and it makes me not continue it) now sign ups are gonna open in a few days if you wanna sign up heres the names

after the episode tell your thoughts in the comments section

Isabella Antonb
Jace Lhooper902976
Maritza Hellocat
Derrick Firex
Cassandra austino15fffan
Tristen Jameslu
Mckenzie  Patricenka9
Doug Piesyumyyumypies
Opal Glinda
Issac Prague
Wesley Gay_Horse_
Valarie Tide
Darren Jasoi
Dirk Colincoco
Nina Gilsgirl
Leah Amnesia_


my character is a total flop  i even hate him
Sent by piesyumyyumypies,Aug 16, 2019
Doug, Wesley, Cassandra and McKenzie annoy me so much
Sent by AntonB,Aug 16, 2019
I'm starting to like my character
Sent by lhooper902976,Aug 17, 2019
i have to support the women
Sent by Tide,Aug 18, 2019

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