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Yandere Hunger Games Episode 1

Aug 11, 2019 by Yandereboy12
the first episode is now out and all the students fall in anarchy after the councellor has died what will happen now find out right now on Yandere Hunger Games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also im adding 2 more spots into the Hunger Games which ill explain later

after watching say in the comments section what you thinking so far

Ayano Aishi patricenka9
Taro Yamada #patricenka9
Yui Rio Chillum
Yuna Hina #Chillum
Koharu Hinata #rockstarr
Mei Mio Gilsgirl
Saki Miyu Wannabeefriends
Kokona Haruka #patricenka9
Osana Najimi #ShaneDawson12345
Satomi Makise  #Chillum
Haruto Yuto #Paralox
Reina Nana #Prague
Budo Masuta cinzi_lov
Mina Rai #OrangeCreamsicle
Oka Ruto bklimas
Shin Higaku #Lhooper902976
Sakyu Basu Mudkipzftw
Inkyu Basu #mudkipzftw
Midori Gurin OrangeCreamsicle
Mai Waifu #Girlsgirl
Pippi Osu #Wannabeefriends
Ryuto Ippongo #Prague
Musume Ronshaku #bklimas
Info Chan Paralox
Supana Churu Piesyumyyumypies
Sho Kunin #Paralox
Riku Soma rockstarr
Teala Himitsu MarthaSpeaks
Sitsuma Rudi Lhooper902976
Teri Hime #bklimas
Amai Odayaka #Lhooper902976
Kizana Sunobu Prague
Asu Rito #ShaneDawson12345
Muja Kina #mudkipzftw
Mida Rana #cinzi_lov
Osoro Shidesu #OrangeCreamsicle
Hanako Yamada #cinzi_lov
Megami Saikou #Gilsgirl
Viki Wataba #Wannabeefriends
Wenda Kiri ShaneDawson12345
Taeko Yamada #rockstarr
Nemesis Aria_grande
Zara Yakimasu #Aria_grande
Sakura #Aria_Grande


if some of you didnt get any lines dont worry most of you or all of you will least have lines in the next episode :3
Sent by Yandereboy12,Aug 11, 2019
Sent by patricenka9,Aug 11, 2019
Is this already planned out
Sent by Paralox,Aug 11, 2019
Anyway info-chan is iconic
Sent by Paralox,Aug 11, 2019
Sounds like a saw film
Sent by MarthaSpeaks,Aug 11, 2019
So I liked it but it's just the um beginning like was that the which Blair project three
Sent by ShaneDawson12345,Aug 12, 2019
xD no so Supana wants to bring everyone back so she needs to stab herself in her eye with a knife  to bring her friends back and you saw the consequences! ShaneDawson12345
Sent by Yandereboy12,Aug 12, 2019
wtf i try to kill myself at the start :o
Sent by piesyumyyumypies,Aug 12, 2019
MudkipzFTW Patricenka9  ik i never said i made the videos just inspiration and see if you picked the right tributes :3
Sent by Yandereboy12,Aug 12, 2019
Sent by Gilsgirl,Aug 13, 2019

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