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Preview of episode 3 total drama survival game

Aug 2, 2019 by Yandereboy12
Lala - Screams

Olga - No I won’t do it!

Vanessa - time to die ______

Durley - can’t wait to kill u now ___

Khelia - *Exchanges Letter*

Denisse- YOU FREAK!!!!!

????? - And we have our first death folks

And the first death happens tomorrow will you make it out safely or will u die trying!?

Based off the last 2 episodes who will die


Scarlett - Macda27
Denisse - Systrix
Megan - XxloveWakizaxX
Natalia - Guigi
Clara - Gay_Horse_
Olga - Decisions
Marina - Cheesalina and Kindred7
Lala - Gilsgirl
Khelia - Whoa
Durley - Sportsgeek12
Vanessa - Piesyumyyumypies
Renee - Jacko308
Killers assistant- Jameslu


Give your rankings of each girl from the past 2 episodes of total drama survival game from worst to best
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