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EtnBigBrother Season 1 week 3

Jul 13, 2019 by Yandereboy12
Diary Room Joey: Thank gosh Glozells out

Diary Room Liza- Its so great to be me

Diary Room Guava: I hope I'm doing well


It came down to DeStorm Bretman and Jesse with the winner being........Jesse

Jesse: Yay guys I won

Ro: Congrats

Diary Room DeStorm: Ugh I wanted Alex up so bad

Diary Room Bretman: Yalls Fan Favorite is a robbed

In order who's safe
Andrea A
Andrea B

Nominated: Justine and Liza

Jesse: Justine the two of us dislike eachother Also Liza it makes sense to nominate you sense we don't get along

Diary Room Justine: I kinda knew sense I isolated myself from everyone but I'm still mad

Diary Room Liza: Why does everyone hate me

Andrea B: That was close

POV pickings
Jesse draws Shane
Justine draws JC
Liza draws Gabbie

Diary Room JC: Its time to win

Diary Room Shane: I don't wanna win the veto cause I will look like a threat

Diary Room Gabbie: I do wanna win comps but I think it's to early

Pov worst to best

It came down to Gabbie and JC and the winner was....JC

Tana: Congrats boo

Diary Room Safiya: I knew I picked a good alliance

Diary Room Liza: I should start packing my bags now *Cries*

Diary Room Tim: Wow I feel like Gabbie threw it

Diary Room Justine:  I probably won't get saved

POV Ceremony noms reasons

Justine: I think I'm a loyal player so you should save me

Liza: I also think I'm a loyal player and this is my second time nominated in 3 weeks so mercy?

JC: I won't be upset to see either of you leave just ain't using my pov on you witches

Diary Room Justine: This game is horrible

Tyler: Everyone stay in here I wanna say since I almost won the amazing race I think you guys should bow down to me

Diary Room DeStorm: flips off in DR that's for u Tyler

Diary Room Andrea A: Is this botch serious

Diary Room Alex: Maybe it will be easier to get Tyler out

Oli: Guys I wanna apologise about my behaviour for the last 2 weeks

Diary Room Tana: Good thing he did that or her could have been nominated


Justine crying

Diary Room Justine: it's so hard to be here

In a bedroom

Manny: I'm so gonna win

DeStorm: No I'm gonna win

Diary Room Manny: His so gonna get out by me

Diary Room DeStorm: Cant wait till his out

Diary Room Lauren: I am gonna twerk

In hoh room

Colleen: Jesse your so hot

Jesse: So are you

:They Makeout:

Diary Room Ro: I can't believe this a plane went across out bb house and it said just can't be trusted like why does America hate me

Diary Room Joey: I hate everyone so im a isolate myself

Eviction speechs

Justine: As I said before I'm loyal to people so give me a chance

Liza: Same as Justine I'm loyal people if y'all give me a chance

Alex votes for Justine
Andrea B votes for Liza
Andrea A votes for Liza
Bretman votes for Justine
Colleen votes for Justine
Eva votes for Justine
Gabbie votes for Justine
JC votes for Liza
Joey votes for liza
Lauren votes for Justine
Lele votes for Justine
Manny votes for Liza
Mat votes for Justine
Nikita votes for Justine
Oli votes for Justine
Guava votes for Justine
Ro votes for Liza
Safiya votes for liza
Shane votes for Justine
Sierra votes for Liza
Tana votes for Liza
Teala votes for Justine
Tim votes for Justine
Tyler votes for Justine

By a vote of 16-9.......Justine you have been evicted from the ETN big brother house

Justine: Oh well good luck everyone and may the best player win

30 - Matt
29 - Glozell
28 - Justine

(Sorry for no episode yesterday  but we got 2 episodes Today so be aware)
Also if someone knows how to make a intro that will be wonderful


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