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EtnBigBrother Season 1 week 1

Jul 11, 2019 by Yandereboy12
Andrea B
Andrea R
Roi/ Guava

Week 1
*All the YouTubers enter the house*

Matt: Woo yeah

Nikita: Yasss sistas

Sierra: Wow this house is pretty

Shane: Maybe ill last longer than on etn ;)

*Everyone chuckles*

Diary room Safiya: Right now I wanna make a strong alliance with strong men and a girl who will use the men with her looks

Diary room Jesse: wow some of these girls are good looking

Diary Room Glozell: can't wait to get Joey out for betraying me

Diary Room Andrea R: I hope I do well

Bedroom 1
*Safiya JC Oli and Tana*

Safiya: Hay people I think we should make a final 4 alliance

Oli: Mhm

Tana: yess girls

JC: Sure...

Diary room JC: Safiya is playing really hard atm

Safiya: Great guys

*Tana and JC leave*

Oli: Hay Safiya wanna have a final 2 once it's down to us 4?

Diary room Oli:I wanna win so if I gotta make deals I will

Safiya: of course

Diary Room Safiya: Bingo

*Timothy and Lele*

Diary room Timothy: I am trying to survive so time to make alliances

Timothy: Hay Lele wanna make a alliance?

Lele: Of course right now I just want Matt out

Diary room Lele: I just wanted Matt out but a alliance will help me longterm

*Liza and Nikita walk in*

Lisa: Hay y'all

Nikita: How u doing queens

Timothy: Nothing much wanna join us in a alliance with me and Lele?

Diary room Nikita: I don't trust these people but if they got my back I'm good with them

Nikita: Sure

Liza: Mhm

lele: Great

*Outside are Gabbie and Andrea B*

Andrea B: Hay girl wanna make a final 2?

Gabbie: Sure

Diary room Andrea B: Right now I trust Gabbie the most so why not make a alliance with her

Gabbie: I hope I'm not targeted

*in another room JC and Tana*

Diary room Tana: People may think I'm dumb but I got brains too

Tana: So JC do u wanna make a final 2 in our final 4? I trust you more than the other 2

Diary room JC: Now I'm in another alliance with Tana I'm doing so good at the moment

JC: Of course

Diary room Teala: I hope people don't call me weak

:Hoh Comp:
it comes down to Shane Glozell and Eva the winner of the hoh is......Shane

Shane: Yay not first out

Eva: So close

Glozell: Congrats

Diary room Glozell: I'm scared Shane will nominate me

Diary Room Shane: Time to make some moves

Shane: I will draw keys until 2 people are left and they will be nominated for eviction

Safe from eviction in order
Andrea R
Andrea B

Nominated: Mat and Gabbie

Shane: Mat I do not like you at all Also Gabbie, it makes sense to nominate you sense we don't get along

Mat is unphrased
Gabbie is slightly upset

Diary room Mat: I Kinda saw it coming not gonna lie

Diary Room Gabbie: I can't believe I'm nominated week 1 I didn't even get to have a party yet

Diary Room Guava: Phew that was close

:Pov Pickings:
Shane draws jesse
Mat draws hg choice and chooses Teala

Diary Room Mat: I've been growing a friendship with Teala so I picked her

Gabbie draws Andrea A

Andrea A: Yay I'm in the veto I will use my powers to win myself the veto

Veto comp in order of worst to best
Andrea A

Diary room Jesse: I don't need so much blood on my hands yet

It's down to Gabbie and Teala the winner is......Teala

Gabbie: Ugh so close

Teala: Yay now people can stop calling me weak

Veto ceremony:

Diary Room Teala: I gotta do what's best for me and me only

Teala: I have the power to either save a nominee or discard I have decided Mat

Mat: Yay I knew out bond we had would help me

:Gabbie rolls her eyes:

Shane: Matt take a seat in the nomination chair cause I dislike you

Matt: Well screw you

Diary Room Matt: I did nothing to be up here I hope I stay

Diary Room Andrea B: I hope Gabbie stays she's in my alliance

Diary Room Justine: This place is ugly like these others I'm living with

*Oli is in a bedroom having a breakdown*

Diary Room Oli: This games so hard ok?

*Joey makes a effort to get to know others*

Diary Room Joey: I have to improve my relationship or I might be out

*Tyler and Alex in a bedroom talking*

Diary Room Tyler: After the amazing race I know I will win this game

Tyler: I know I'm gonna win Alex so u better quit now

Alex: What the fu@$ man why did you say that

Diary room Alex: I'm having a hard time after mine and Laurens break up now Tyler wants to rub his ego in my face is not cool

Eviction time Speechs

Matt: I am less of a challenge threat than Gabbie so keep me guys

Gabbie: Wow that's rude Matt idk keep me cause I did nothing wrong

Houseguests vote
Alex votes to evict Matt
Andrea B votes to evict Matt
Andrea A votes to evict Gabbie
Bretman Votes to evict Matt
Colleen votes to evict Gabbie
DeStorm votes to evict Gabbie
Eva votes to evict Gabbie
Glozell votes to evict Matt
JC votes to evict Gabbie
Jesse votes to evict Matt
Joey votes to evict Matt
Justine votes to evict Gabbie
Lauren votes to evict Gabbie
Lele votes to evict Matt
Liza votes to evict Matt
Manny votes to evict Gabbie
Mat votes to evict Gabbie
Nikita votes to evict Gabbie
Oli votes to evict Matt
Guava votes to evict Matt
Ro votes to evict Matt
Safiya votes to evict Gabbie
Sierra votes to evict Matt
Tana votes to evict Matt
Teala votes to evict Matt
Tim votes to evict Matt
Tyler votes to evict Gabbie

By a vote of 15-12 ......
Matt you have been evicted from the big Brother House

Matt: Oh well bye guys

Gabbie: Thanks guys

Diary Room DeStorm: One down 28 to go

Diary Room Sierra: Thats what he gets for killing me

30 place - Matt

(Phew guys this took awhile if you like it so far plus it and if you want me to give any characters dialogue more than ask cause I know theirs a phew people I gave a purple and edit too)

Inspired by Kaseys

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Thoughts so far?
Sent by Yandereboy12,Jul 11, 2019
Matt leaving first is iconic.
Sent by Wolven6974,Jul 11, 2019
Ikr but the thing is gabbie was 4th in the challenge so I thought she'd be out Wolven6974
Sent by Yandereboy12,Jul 11, 2019
Go Guava <3
Sent by countrysavage,Jul 12, 2019

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