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Theirs no reason why

Jun 25, 2019 by Yandereboy12
Tengaged should use multis no fuckin reason IDC if its for your friends shit or anything you don't use multis and this is why 75% of Tengaged has went to shit and some of y'all Rednose people think you are so clever like IMA laugh if I see y'all be like

"Oh I won stars I'm the best"

IMA comment bitch you got your friends to fuckiing use multis if you was a beast you don't fucking multis and you ain't a real friend either cause you make your friend take the heat and also the more you use multis the more u give people to leave the site so drop the weight honey it ain't cute

*looks at Colter and Kelly0412*

So if I was y'all I'd be ashamed of you good fucking day 馃槆


Sent by Colter,Jun 25, 2019
And also, it鈥檚 *there is*
Sent by Colter,Jun 25, 2019

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