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Big Brother UK Blog Game ~6th Nominations Episode 12~

Jun 8, 2019 by Yandereboy12
Welcome back folks before we begin we sadly have to lose some people #Jacadeux (2 noms) and #Brad13535 have quit the game and no longer participants in the game and #Mancebo has filtered me so they have been ejected so good news housemates none of you will be nominated since we already lost 3 people but we will still show the results on who would've been nominated had this week played out and beware housemates if you aren't in a alliance yet you better find one cause one day you may sit at 0 noms the next week your nominated ;) but include me in those alliance chat tho XD but anyways I'm Yandere Chan Mooves and this is Big Brother UK Blog Game!!

Remember if you had 0 noms you won't be showed as too many people!!!

Sitting pretty with 1 nom is!

With 2 noms and is safe

With 3 noms and is safe for now is

Scooting by with 4 votes is

Now here's the deal 4 of you received 5 votes!  And I would've had to see who got them first but anyways here's the people who were safe with 5 noms against them but got them a little bit later than the other 2

Would've been nominated:
#Rozlyn (8)
#LoganTDS (6)
#Shadowman (5)
#NotNicky333 (5)

Congrats you 4 girls were spared now housemates the 3 other housemates calebdaboss BbMeganNicole and Jacko308 are available now to be nominated  I also want you guys to send in confessionals because now 11 players have been evicted you are now 1/10 through this game now guys were back to y'all nominating 2 housemates so good luck and here's the list to the people u can nominate


me being a daddy
Sent by iiVoloxity,Jun 8, 2019

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