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Thank you to everyone who helped out with my 500 game charity <3

Jul 20, 2016 by Yaddddiggz
Seriously, each and every one of you are amazing

jameslu Jimmy! It makes me so sad that you will be leaving this site soon. I hope you reconsider, we're all losing out on something big if you go.
shellbelle Love! I'm sorry we couldn't make f2 together. I'm happy you're in the chat now and I'm glad to call you my friend. Looking forward to getting to know you more.
lawblondie acccccck. Please let me know when we can play a real game together. I can't wait for us to slay. I'm happy you made payouts because you deserve it. Playing with you today made my day.
@titoburrito im so happy we're not longer upset with each other. thanks so much for joining, i hope we can play again soon.
jassos4 I'm sad you went inact. I was dead set on getting you to payouts but you volunteered to go up, then you went inact. Let's slay a frooks together soon. Thank you so much for helping me.
notnicky333 i see a friendship in the making here. we haven't played together on the same side much, but im happy when i called you came. im looking forward to getting to know you more.
alyrich2 im sorry i nommed you. we did not talk much, and i have not played with you in a really long time. please frook more, i miss playing with you so often =)
alanb1 hey alan. i saw you in a game twice this week and you were sweet to me. thank you for joining when no one else was in the game. i actually didn't plan to have this charity and didn't expect anyone to join so it meant a lot when you did. you're a good man, sir.
mathboy9 dude i was worried you joined to ruin. thanks so much for helping the charity and im sorry you didn't make it further. we have had a rough time in past games, i hope to fix that in the future.
lucas1009642 hey man. we did not say one word to each other and i had a couple of people nom you because i was not sure you came to help. regardless, i am happy you joined my charity and i hope to talk with you in the future.
stars375winner you were robbed, my man. Vegas! Let's make it happen. i love you and i am so sorry you didn't make it further.
brandonrichie thank you so much for joining. you would have slayed this frooks if you hung out. im happy to call you my friend nowdays, now lets get in a game together and fuck shit up.

Thanks again for such a successful charity. I love you all! =)


Wish I would of joined :/ Sad times
Sent by Xx_Legend_xX,Jul 20, 2016
Congrats on the win
Sent by alanb1,Jul 20, 2016
Anytime hun :)
Sent by shellbelle,Jul 20, 2016
Missed you
Sent by Lawblondie,Jul 20, 2016
Sent by omggiraffe,Jul 22, 2016

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