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  1. Me and Thomas are going strong
  2. Well. I got a boyfriend now
  3. I had a dream about a beaver
  4. I have a crush on one person
  5. My Aunt Cathy literally
  6. Surprise bitch
  7. Also I logged in all over
  8. Did you ever get flashed?
  9. Awe my dog identifies as Non-Binary
  10. How to get away with Murder
  11. Over the years
  12. My granny just called me out
  13. I supported my friend through
  14. I dont post pics anymore
  15. Honestly
  16. Im running away from home again
  17. If u want me to plus ur spam
  18. The point of making a blog
  19. TaraG saying she never used multis
  20. I am a Non-Binary guardian to my Nephew <3
  21. Next time I suck dick
  22. its beginning to look a lot like Christmas <3
  23. Ok so I have an irl probem
  24. American Horror Story
  25. ok i'm done drinking for awhile
  26. @ tribe members in survivor
  27. My friend is fucking in my room rn
  28. idk why I got a couple gifts recently
  29. I feel weird
  30. I found out
  31. I won my first stars
  32. Im drunk again sisters
  33. The scary thing is
  34. Families with Autistic kids
  35. New chapter sisters
  36. OMG!! TYSM!!
  37. OMG
  38. Just think..
  39. "Whats the big deal about wearing
  40. Hi I'm normal again


Aug 12, 2019 by XxLoveWakizaxX
nobody is obsessed with that wrinkled ass of yours, go message some more underage boys you dusty old bitch, its actually shocking that there are some ppl here who actually want you to dig those dollar store nails into their back *pukes*


Sent by MarieEve,Aug 12, 2019
I am all real, even my nails, jealous much? XOX
Sent by TaraG,Aug 12, 2019

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