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  1. Betty White turned 98 today!
  2. Let's be real here
  3. Nick is into indie pop
  4. Imagine being racist in 2020
  5. I'm Queen of self destructive behavior
  6. Thirsty Thursday
  7. *runs around with my bow n arrow
  8. So I fractured my foot
  9. People who do PYNs every other week
  10. Good morning
  11. 2 Truths 1 Lie
  12. Menopause
  13. Lol just because Kylie Jenner
  14. Imagine lying about your life on TG
  15. I already look feminine af
  16. I love how I'm more Hero than Villain
  17. My friend Krista called me a Sociopath
  18. If Natalie can beat Johnny Bananas
  19. I'm watching Kardasims on youtube
  20. CalebJustLeft mailed me saying
  21. I never fully dealt with guys
  22. Yummy isnt even a good song
  23. Ava Max - Salt
  24. If anything
  25. Selena Gomez's Top 3 Songs from Rare
  26. My Stars Journey
  27. I was drunk and wasn't ready
  28. I was drunk when I wrote that rant
  29. I fucking hate ppl I swear to God
  30. If I had the money back
  31. 2 Truths 1 Lie pokemon edition
  32. Btw
  33. *diddles myself*
  34. We've always had sexual tension
  35. Wanna know how I escaped Iraq?
  36. I just plussed spam for the first time in Months
  37. Just saying
  38. Lmao
  39. I was just Britney Haynes'd outta frooks
  40. Loved the Connie D'amico

I think Im mentally unstable

Aug 12, 2019 by XxLoveWakizaxX
but I cant tell because everyone around me is just as crazy


like tumbrl posts say, all the best people are crazy ;)
Sent by paul028,Aug 12, 2019

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