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  1. Ignore that vvv
  2. My
  3. Don’t listen to negativity
  4. Hates guys with long pubes
  5. Native single moms are deadly
  6. Ppl actually use this site
  7. I remember my granny
  8. That mom who went viral
  9. I love how Olivia
  10. As a jury member
  11. He is harassing me in mails
  12. Olivia is in a good spot
  13. “Make yourself at home”
  14. YASSS Olivia stayed 💕
  15. I’m watching BBCan online
  16. I told my sugar daddy I need a break
  17. Fuck a lot of ppl pissed me off
  18. He screwed me over on Zwoop
  20. Sugar deserved to win Pahkitew island
  21. Im an escort now
  22. Did you know
  23. Scandal
  24. You ever make up a fake story
  25. I’m the type
  26. I don’t care what people say
  27. I don’t care if your white, black, Hispanic
  28. Tomb Raider was amazing !!!
  29. Final noms in BBCanada ?
  30. I ate a dog treat before
  31. Always remember
  32. My actual friends on my snap
  33. I feel like Olivia
  34. I’m the type of bitch
  35. lmfao i think i have a black boyfriend now
  37. All these high school thots
  38. Android users always wanna argue
  39. I was fucking shaking!!
  40. Playing 24/7

Guys with foreskin

Mar 8, 2018 by XxLoveWakizaxX
NEED to clean the inside All THE TIME, too many times I’ve tried to give head only to have the smell gross me out. As if they thought I’d continue because that’s exactly what I did


I feel like youve sucked a lot of dicks in your lifetime
Sent by astone929,Mar 8, 2018
What kind of dirty guys you sucking LOL!
Sent by SexGoddx,Mar 8, 2018
good thing my dick is uncut idk how id live
Sent by Hash,Mar 8, 2018

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