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  1. Kaela Grant deserved to win
  2. Did anyone watch Harper's island?
  3. I'm getting a tiny dog
  4. me: I don't fall for anyone so easy
  5. Do you tip waiters?
  6. Post a gif of your fav Celebrity
  7. I'm gonna dig my nails into your back
  8. Didn't TaraG
  9. I feel like some people
  10. Ranking Sarah Paulson's Characters
  11. not a girl, not yet a woman.
  12. Deena from Jersey Shore
  13. The Asian I let record me
  14. Any lasting BFF relationships on here?
  15. Can't believe I won my first stars
  16. Why do people
  17. ugh feeling hungover af
  18. Who wants
  19. Add me Im cute
  20. AlanDuncan's top blog
  21. I'm gonna get drunk on a Sunday
  22. Lets be real here
  23. i havent played frooks since I won today
  24. When I'm drunk
  25. I'm not drunk anymore. I was abused.
  26. Tbh
  27. My first frookies game
  28. Snapchat?
  29. My favourite part about Grindr
  30. How do you delete snaps
  31. Omg I won a frookies today
  32. Is Zak joining the Winners Circle
  33. Someone call Cosmo magazine
  34. This one time
  35. grrrr
  36. fun fact
  37. Xenophobic means
  38. What are you into?
  39. Imagine holding a deadly weapon
  40. So.. I'm not allowed to see my cousin

Guys with foreskin

Mar 8, 2018 by XxLoveWakizaxX
NEED to clean the inside All THE TIME, too many times I’ve tried to give head only to have the smell gross me out. As if they thought I’d continue because that’s exactly what I did


I feel like youve sucked a lot of dicks in your lifetime
Sent by astone929,Mar 8, 2018
What kind of dirty guys you sucking LOL!
Sent by SexGoddx,Mar 8, 2018
good thing my dick is uncut idk how id live
Sent by Hash,Mar 8, 2018

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