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Public Apology 'tagging the deserving'

Feb 9, 2018 by XxLoveWakizaxX
Bambino I'm sorry for calling you "ghetto ugly betty" i don't have a prob with how anyone looks and ur really nice to your friends and others who deserve your kindness, I'm sorry i acted totally undeserving and you dont have to forgive me, this is just me saying Im done.

Alvino on your part Im just sorry for calling you bug eyes, and if i made you feel self conscious about showing yourself more then Im sorry. I dont have a problem with you either, just that stupid frooks game we need to get over and just know that Im over it and everything inbetween. Not like im the one who has anything to get over, i just hope you understand.

smuguy2012 i know its my fault we fell apart and thats fine, i just want to say Im sorry for calling you fat and ugly, as i said up above i really dont care how anyone looks as long as they are happy with themselves. Clearly you're happy with yourself and thats good :) also Im sorry for snaking you out during our recent game, that was horrid of me.

rozlyn & Robbx2 Im sorry for calling you guys "retarded" i never use that word in real life either but i really did see yous as close friends so getting backstabbed over and over again towards the end did feel stupid to me, however its just a game and overall Im just sorry about all comments Ive made against you awesome game players xo < 3

Lazeric & eric_136 we 'were' good friends before my shitty attitude and Im sorry you guys had to see that side of me, also i understand that yous would obvi defend Alvin/Bam seeing as y'all are African American and I was making racist remarks. It was stupid of me and I have seen the error of my ways. I truly am sorry, you dont have to forgive me but I just had to say this, i miss you guys!

I can't think of anyone else but I was just feeling pretty bad about certain things Ive done on here and how it was totally unnecessary but Ive seen the error of my ways. I can't take back the damage but I can try to better myself as a person. People shouldn't see me that way and I shouldn't make myself out to seem that way.

I'm totally disgusted and you guys don't have to forgive and forget but just know that you won't be seeing any negativity like that from me anymore. And to anyone else reading, I do love being nice to people and I do love showing respect. You give respect to get respect and I haven't been very respectful and for that I really am sorry!

"When you get bit by a snake, you're supposed to suck the poison out. That's what I'm doing, sucking all of the poison out of my life." - Cady Heron


if u mess with bambino again i'm abouta slap u
Sent by BengalBoy,Feb 9, 2018
Sent by Alvino,Feb 9, 2018
Okay cause my bestie don’t play ! LMAO BengalBoy
And I’m over it xxlovewakizaxx
Sent by Bambino,Feb 9, 2018
Bitches that apologize are not the ones for me

Struts out
Sent by Aerodynamics,Feb 9, 2018
I love a king RobbX2
Sent by NicoleF,Feb 9, 2018
Your apology is accepted! :) let’s frooks soon!
Sent by Lazeric,Feb 9, 2018

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