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  1. I’m tipsy
  2. Pro Life Tip From: Wakiza
  3. In the mood
  4. Did you know you can’t breathe in when smiling?
  5. I remember I pulled Team Rocket
  6. Whatever happened to..
  7. I had a dream
  8. I’m quitting tengaged
  9. I want to be in a relationship
  10. People who CAN'T die in GoT
  11. Every masculine guy I’ve ever had
  12. Bluetooth story
  13. The best feeling
  14. Went to my friends house
  15. Remember to brush before bed :)
  16. I never give money to the homeless
  17. You must not have anything better to do
  18. I almost gave myself alcohol poisoning
  19. I just want to be wanted by somebody
  20. Great Googly Moogly
  21. Good morning :)
  22. I love being young and pretty
  23. Update on my Grindr date
  24. Someone tell me I’m pretty
  25. Im getting a 40’ of vodka blueberry
  26. A guy thought his wife was cheating
  27. I would never say this on fb cause family
  28. I’m like Annalise Keating
  29. Someone tell me I’m pretty
  30. If alcohol is a depressant
  31. Life is too short for so much sorrow
  32. If someone offered you 200$
  33. So I grab the bear by the throat
  34. My top 10 Gossip Girl Characters
  35. Where is your favourite place to vomit?
  36. Whenever I get HOH
  37. Which seems more embarrassing to you?
  38. I need vodka
  39. Wish my cousin would stop phoning me
  40. My Dad used to make me watch Johnny Bravo


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