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  1. LMAO @ this
  2. OH MY GOD
  3. being a white level
  4. “There is something called a bitter juror
  5. I want a chiropractor
  6. A guy was hitting on me
  7. Smoking weed is legal now in Canada
  8. *pukes in Spanish*
  9. T'was the night before legalization
  10. Honestly
  11. If you want to dress like
  12. That wasn't me
  13. Lmao @ this blog
  14. Dumb Bitch.
  15. Calling my blogs harassment?
  16. Do you have to be over 50
  17. I never cheated on this site.
  18. Just filtered a dumb annoying bitch
  19. I said I was gonna fucking complain everyday
  20. FUCKER *yells in Chris Crocker voice*
  22. dumb bitch
  23. I'm gonna complain every fucking day
  24. I have all these treaty rights
  25. a Mario Party drinking game
  26. Well. I'm gonna share accounts
  27. Rednoses
  28. LMAO I posted my pic
  29. LMAO someone I don't like
  30. Lmao my cousin is now on
  31. Cannabis is legal in Canada
  32. Question for non-smokers
  33. I'm gonna work for CPS
  34. Looks like things are getting too spicy for the..
  35. my family is pissed at me again
  36. This girl who has a MASSIVE heart
  37. Im banned from 7/11
  39. Short Scary Story
  40. Also

So celebrity big brother

Jan 2, 2018 by XxLoveWakizaxX
Will kind of be like a frookies since they're rushing through the thing lol


it's bound to be a massive flop
Sent by snowflake3,Jan 2, 2018

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