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  1. Me and my BFF are shopping off brand
  2. My BFF is trying to make me try shrooms
  3. I never deal with fakes anymore
  4. Pill poppers gross me out
  5. LOL I love my bestie
  6. My bestfriend and I have a ghost
  7. ME
  8. Long skinny dicks gross
  9. Get a life
  10. I love how Canada
  11. LMFAO this Brantsteele
  12. So we have this Jamaican priest
  13. Im attracted to Asian people
  14. Crazy world we live in
  16. The best gifts are the unexpected ones
  17. Katy Perry sucks
  18. Does anyone have a problem with snap?
  19. neg this blog
  20. I’m a recovering whore
  21. me and my BFF are so different
  22. Dear Friends
  23. I don’t mind weed
  24. Good morning beautiful people ;)
  25. teen bitches be like
  26. My valentine is out there
  27. I wanted Bella to be with Jacob
  28. Tea
  29. I should make multiple accounts
  30. me when ppl think ‘I have no life’
  31. I can’t imagine anyone
  32. Just fucking ignore me, Jesus Christ.
  33. Real talk
  34. When your lovers dad sounds the same
  35. At my funeral
  36. Imagine getting jumped
  37. I have a vagina.
  38. Halloween just proved
  39. Remember when all top blogs
  40. OH NO


Jul 15, 2017 by XxLoveWakizaxX
Raven is being called a scammer? is she the next Matt #BB12


He was my favorite
Sent by JayElVeeIsBack,Jul 15, 2017

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