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  1. How to get away with Murder
  2. Idc what anyone thinks about me
  3. Google Ctv news Winnipeg
  4. People take Stars too seriously
  5. Ugh I hate Matthew McConaughey
  6. *Listening to Britney Spears Toxic*
  7. Holy
  8. Join frooks
  9. Honestly, I like when my posts get negged
  10. Another thought
  11. I'm blocked from posting on facebook
  12. I have over 1000ts
  13. AHS: apocalypse theory
  14. Just spent my last 50$
  15. Don't lie
  17. Native American women
  18. Guess what
  19. Its weird
  20. Washing dishes rn and doing laundry
  21. If Lana Winters can survive the Asylum
  22. Just checking in
  23. Someone tell me Im pretty
  24. I feel amazing and learned a valuable lesson
  25. Good news everyone *Professor Farnsworth voice..
  26. Imagine being drunk, homeless
  27. IM fucking homeless rn you bastards
  28. also still have my black eye ffs
  29. I'm at my lowest point right now
  30. Also
  31. People treat weed like its bad
  32. Why do white men
  33. The 2 part gravy bowl episode
  34. So to get an image of what my eye
  35. I wonder if I can get a prescription
  36. No title
  37. Whenever I'm feeling fat
  38. Something major happening in my life rn
  39. Everyone who sees me
  40. ALEXA play Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson


Jul 15, 2017 by XxLoveWakizaxX
Raven is being called a scammer? is she the next Matt #BB12


He was my favorite
Sent by JayElVeeIsBack,Jul 15, 2017

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