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  1. Can better weaves and tops
  2. Big Brother is the only
  3. Omg stop
  4. Whoever stole my antidepressants
  5. How to get away with Murder
  6. Rate my new blog pic
  7. My avatar is feeling
  8. Kiss me
  9. I don't buy makeup products
  10. I guess your baby will die
  11. Thought
  12. So...
  13. I don't pay taxes
  14. If I ever randomly died
  15. I hate it when couples fight
  16. So I tried online slots for the first time
  17. Ranking Selena Gomez & The Scene songs
  18. I'm hot irl
  19. He's upset he lost by .3%
  20. I want it to be Halloween already
  21. One time I saw a ghost
  22. You don’t actually wash your hands
  23. Leaving blogs are so cringe
  24. I decided
  25. Sad case
  26. Stars Support x
  27. Those 'where are you from' blogs
  28. I'm Fiona Goode
  29. At the end of the day
  30. In the Hall of Fame
  31. Rate this Brantsteele 1/10
  32. Just imagine
  33. I hope you guys hand
  34. Grats
  36. updating atm [PYN' for a Stars Shoutout]
  37. One time
  38. Doing some Stars Shoutouts [PYN]
  39. Thanks so much
  40. AHS: Apocalypse

I'm rewatching The Challenge:

Nov 30, 2015 by XxLoveWakizaxX
Battle Of The Exes 2; AND HOW FUCKING ICONIC WAS IT when Sarah backstabbed Johnny Bananas making him feel the feeling he gave to almost every Challenge Contestant he betrayed just to win. #Karma #QueenSarah


btw Nia was a dumb bitch to touch Jordan she got what she deserved.
Sent by XxLoveWakizaxX,Nov 30, 2015
iconic: nia slaying everyone only to ruin it via everything lmao.
Sent by Aoki,Nov 30, 2015

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