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  1. nice multis
  2. I'm bored who wants to be snap friends
  3. anyone want to join survivor?
  4. The Challenge: Champs vs Pros Ranking
  5. What does "networking" mean?
  6. Survivor went way too far with that last challenge
  7. what's that chat room website
  8. come join me in .es hunger :)
  9. so did we get a mod?
  10. almost everyone I was rooting for is out lol
  11. someone in a black sweatshirt was just knocking on..
  12. lol how am I in the monthly rankers right now?
  13. How much are shops going for right now?
  14. if anyone wants to help
  15. would anyone be willing to help me in my 500th?
  16. wait I just realized that both
  17. omg help
  18. broke 7000k finally :)
  19. tengaged has made me such a fast typer
  20. Cigarettes and tiny liquor bottles
  21. My cat wants to "help" me do my homework
  22. my alarm clock broke and my phone is burning hot
  23. five minutes until I go to work
  24. Has anyone else ever noticed that
  25. come join crookies with me :D
  26. First Chem test of the year today
  27. I get that people are upset that Vanessa didn't..
  28. Lol John's face trying to keep up with Steve's..
  29. C'mon Liz
  30. stop cheating
  31. wish I didn't have an off period in college
  32. I'm back y'all
  33. sometimes I like it when I end up
  34. I feel like Banks should have had a song
  35. You're a bully
  36. come join me in .es hunger
  37. I'm reporting you tyler
  38. tmod*temp* deleted my blog
  39. For my next desktop computer (poll)
  40. is my avi pretty?

tengaged has made me such a fast typer

Sep 28, 2015 by Xbac5


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