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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Apr 4, 2020 by XavierR833

Last season, Will came out victorious in a 6-1 victory after 43 Days to join our elite winner circle in a season with a crazy cast of characters. We are back, and this time we're looking for a brand new mix of castaways.

For this group of players, we want players who are going to do anything in their Power to win. We want ruthless blindsides and a lot of blood shed. The players who are going to fight for the blanket and title of Sole Survivor.

A new challenge coming to this group of 24 castaways is that 12 of them will be players that have already tried their hand at Power before, having experience and a knowledge of others who have been in the community.

Not only are you battling each other, but you're working your way through people who know the ropes of being in the game and are icons in their own right.

Returnees, instead of doing interviews, you will be submitting videos 3-5 minutes long of why you deserve another chance! Fresh blood, you have the option to do a video as well.
This will start the beginning of May and running to the middle of June.
Casting ends April 24th! (We will only be sending acceptance messages!)

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