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Proof I can't get my account back [PIC]

Mar 14, 2020 by XavierR833
imageBryce Keesh or whatever stole my account a while ago and will not return it unless I give him money. He hacked my e-mail, so if I get it back, he just steals it again.

Randomize, is there anyway you can change the e-mail for the account so I can get it back? It is for XavierR83, my account from 2011

Please mail me :)


but you said he could keep it
Sent by Thorf,Mar 14, 2020
Thorf, I'm not going to pay money, when he's going to turn around and re-hack the account. He's a scam artist. With Randomize being back, my hope is he can change the e-mail for it.
Sent by XavierR833,Mar 14, 2020
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Mar 14, 2020
He's such a fucking loser
Sent by maturo,Mar 14, 2020
Message me in mails Xavierr833,

Maturo, I mean you can call me that all you want, you are entitled to your own opinion, but the funny thing is, is I won’t cheat on my significant other and make her feel like shit, I also won’t attack you personally like you do me, and I also won’t mention the (on more than one occasion) you paid me $90 for 15 multis cause you were desperate.

At the end of the day, it’s your problem not mine, I don’t play here much or have time to make sure you take your bipolar medication.
Sent by Colter,Mar 14, 2020
damn bro u really care so much colter
Jordan I wouldn't bother with this loser, he will take the account back once he has one of his episodes.
Sent by maturo,Mar 14, 2020
maturo I’m just spitting facts
Sent by Colter,Mar 14, 2020
Colter you attacked him personally and then literally said you won't attack him personally. Holding other people's accounts for ransom is super fucking scummy though.
Sent by DBonee,Mar 19, 2020

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