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  1. literal lol
  2. I'm actually back!
  3. $5 per gift $10 for stock and 2 gifts.
  4. ORG CASTING - Power Struggle: Anzhu
  5. Why are there 2 HGs now
  6. I joined this site when I was 13
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  8. If you're interested in playing ORGs
  9. Power Struggle: Chatham Islands FTC!!
  10. I was told I'll die tonight
  11. They have to be getting low
  12. You're always going to be a hostess
  13. It's Tengaged's newest game
  14. Mood
  15. Buy my stuff cuties :*
  16. Posted Pokemon Hoodie!!
  17. Posted
  18. Posted Female Hair
  19. Is this a new update? (pic)
  20. If anyone has any designs PM me
  21. This is my favorite THG Kill Log ever
  22. Me getting +3, +4, +5's
  23. Sorry I don't cheat in ORGs
  24. I'm negligent af
  25. All they are is ORGs literally hosted
  26. Here's the thing with TG ORGs
  27. A knife is 1 xp right?
  28. It's been 15 hours
  29. Ok my shop is full
  30. I thought the skin was made by the other person
  32. 13 post frooks
  33. I'm shops max bid now being
  34. Power Struggle: Chatham Islands
  35. Change Hunger Games Enrollment
  36. ORG CASTING - Power Struggle: Chatham Islands
  37. that tribal council area is tacky af tho
  38. Since VMR is like dead
  39. Adam deserved to win
  40. 13 post frookies join for fun

They have to be getting low

May 8, 2017 by XavierR83
because of the new run health gap


What is the gap? my friend tried to explain it but hes retarded and can't do it correctly lmao
Sent by Hisoka,May 8, 2017
Like if you run you lose 10 and the other person only gains 5.
Sent by XavierR83,May 8, 2017

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