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  1. Check STARS
  3. Will someone make me a stars sign
  4. All that I've compromised
  5. Hey TG
  6. Has anyone heard
  7. Who wants to make me a stars sign
  8. i thought
  9. Serious question
  10. Looks like I'm going into stars!!
  11. Crossing my fingers I get sent into stars
  12. If I went into stars
  13. Joining both hunger and stars
  14. Im gonna try and join stars
  15. When is hunger ending?
  16. Should I join stars tomorrow for the lolz
  17. Hi :)
  18. Gonna join hunger
  19. Joining hunger alone
  20. Praise
  21. I need someone to play .br hunger for me
  22. Does anyone wanna play .br hunger for me
  23. I love easter
  24. Happy easter!
  25. Why am I being negged?
  26. Hello
  27. Joining hunger
  28. Does anyone know
  29. Gift for gift anyone?
  30. Add me on skype if you're joining hunger
  31. Whos thg cycle is this?
  32. Should I join Stars?
  33. Joining hunger?
  34. Ill be jumping in hunger :)
  35. Trying this out #askme
  36. Back on Tengaged!
  37. A shocking discovery
  38. Came back
  39. Came back
  40. In knottsberry farm riding huge coaster

All that I've compromised

Jun 1, 2015 by Wwxcrunner1
To feel another high
I've got to keep it down tonight.
And oh oh oh,
I was a king under your control

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