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On the Winner of Survivor: Kaoh Rong

May 20, 2016 by Writinglegend
imageFirst let me preface this by saying that I am indeed an Aubry fan, and I do believe Aubry deserved to win, but I am OK with Michelle winning the game. Michelle played an excellent social game, which her edit dubiously missed, and the edit certainly up-played Aubry's social game as noted by 'The Jury Speaks' videos.

Quite frankly, I don't think we should be mad at Michelle as a person, but more upset with the Survivor editors for the poor job they did in selling Michelle as a winner. This whole season they hyped Aubry up from being a nerdy girl struggling on day one to a strategic goddess on day 39, and left Michelle with little air time until the final three or four episodes. Would it have hurt to bring in a scene showing more of Michelle's social game which the Jury speaks so kindly of? Quite frankly, what we saw of Michelle was that she was a generic beauty girl with the most fabricated underdog story I have ever seen since I started watching Survivor ten years ago.

This is on the editors themselves, not Michelle. They failed to show why Michelle deserved to win, and furthermore failed to show why Aubry deserved to lose. Michelle was a decent winnner - not the best nor the worst - but we need to lay a bit off of her and give some heat to the editors for not showcasing her game more like any winner truly deserves. Sure, a lot of people do believe Aubry should have won (I'm one of them), but isn't that because of the fantastic edit she got and the poor edit Michelle got? Aubry had an edit miles better than Michelle's, which makes very little sense considering the fact Michelle was - obviously - the winner. Instead of giving her a winner arc, they decided to jam her down our throats the last three episodes.

So of course we are going to dislike Michelle and of course we are going to believe Aubry should have won. But that is not on Michelle herself, that is on the editors of Survivor not editing the season to prove why exactly Michelle should have won. So the next time you make a Michelle hate comment about how she did not deserve to win or why she's an "idiot" please do remember that she is only one fabric of the game, and it is up to the editors themselves to justify her win.

And they failed to do that. #survivor


I actually liked that the editors did that and didnt give her a  winner arc
THe winners edit is something that I hate that they do, this season, Aubry dominated a ton of stuff and so they showed what really happened over showing it like michele is dominant
Sent by temponeptune,May 20, 2016
Michele had an edit premerge she's just boring so you don't remember
Sent by sahmosean,May 20, 2016
Sent by trist,May 20, 2016

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