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Brainsteele Survivor Season 1: Borneo

Feb 29, 2016 by Writinglegend

1. Hatchell
2. TravellerJoe1103
3. Juliapxbee
4. trey2288
5. hsb123
6. BigBrother_78
7. topazisqueen
8. Matedog1209
9. ThisIsMyGame
10. Novamax243
11. Rodrigues75
12. Libanz00
13. Raul0712
14. NewNightmare7
15. hellocat
16. islandsurvivor

Episode 1:
Immunity: Tagi Tribe
Voted Out: trey2288 (7-1 vote)

Episode 2:
Reward: Tagi Tribe
Immunity: Pagong Tribe
Voted Out: islandsurvivor (5-3 vote)

Episode 3:
Reward: Tagi Tribe
Immunity: Tagi Tribe
Voted Out: topazisqueen (4-3 vote)

Episode 4:
Reward: Pagong Tribe
Immunity: Tagi Tribe
Voted Out: TravellerJoe (4-2 vote)

Episode 5:
Reward: Pagong Tribe
Immunity: Tagi Tribe
Voted Out: hsb123 (4-1 vote)

Episode 6:
Reward: Tagi Tribe
Immunity: Tagi Tribe
Voted Out: Hatchell (3-1 vote)

Episode 7:
Tribes Merge
Immunity: hellocat
Voted Out: BigBrother78 (4-3-3 vote)

Episode 8:
Reward: Matedog1209
Immunity: NewNightmare7
Voted Out: Juliapxbee (7-2 vote)

Episode 9:
Reward: ThisIsMyGame
Immunity: Raul0712
Voted Out: Matedog1209 (5-2-1 vote)

Episode 10:
Reward: Rodrigues75
Immunity: hellocat
Voted Out: ThisIsMyGame (4-3 vote)

Episode 11:
Reward: hellocat
Immunity: Rodrigues75
Voted Out: Novamax243 (4-1-1 vote)

Episode 12:
Reward: hellocat
Immunity: NewNightmare7
Voted Out: Raul0712 (3-2 vote)

Finale, Part 1:
Immunity: hellocat
Voted Out: Rodrigues75 (2-2 vote), (2-0 revote)

Finale, Part 2:
Immunity: Libanz00
Voted Out: hellocat (1 vote)

Finalists: Libanz00 and NewNightmare7
Winner: Libanz00 (4-3)
Favorite: Raul0712


This was a very interesting first season, which saw several interesting scenarios for the contestants. Pagong tribe was an absolute disaster, and they were quickly voted out by a solid Tagi tribe. However, everything hit the fan when Tagi went after one another with a rapid succession of very close votes, which culminated in a tied vote. Crazier was the fact that hellocat, the survivor who was dominating the game, was Medically Evacuated at the final three tribal council. I truly believe had Hellocat not be evacuated, she would have won the game. Ultimately, it culminated between NewNightmare and Libanz, with Libanz edging out the votes for the well deserved win.


All-Stars Consideration:





wow lol out first damn
Sent by trey2288,Feb 29, 2016
Slay me for winning
Sent by Libanz00,Feb 29, 2016
yay I was favourite!
Sent by Raul0712,Feb 29, 2016
you forgot to save the season. There is a bar at the bottom of everything that says save. Thats how you can let others see it.
Sent by NewNightmare7,Feb 29, 2016

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