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Alvard's Survivor Season 1 Mar 19, 2017
Hey all, I am a new Group Game host that yearns to establish a long term Survivor game on this site. I have been playing Survivor Group Games throughout my two years on this site, and wish to contribute to the overall health and maintenance of this activity. P


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I am rebooting my Survivor series as it has been on a hiatus for a looooong time. #survivor

Apply here:
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Logos Jan 24, 2017
Anyone make Survivor logos? #survivor #casting
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Alvard's Survivor: Vietnam [S2] Apps Open! Jun 20, 2016
imageHey all, I am coming off season one of the first Survivor group game I have ever hosted. It went well with the cast that I did have, and it was an intriguing mix of personalities that created some fantastic storylines and great characters. Season Two applications are now open for Survivor: Japan, and 16 spots are open. 16 applicants will keep my dream of hosting Survivor on this website still alive!

Ever since joining this site, I have always wished to host. I got my wish, and I have been making the most with what I have. But in order to keep my dream going I need you to participate by applying!


The group is private, so please request to join and I will add you ASAP. Thanks!

Those who may be interested:


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#PrayForOrlando Jun 12, 2016
I'm not sure how many of you on this site actually know me, but do know that I live in Florida and frequently travel to the Orlando area. For those who do not know, 50 people were killed in a night club twelve hours ago with over 50 more injured. The death count will, likely, only rise over the next 24 hours and this will surely becoming the largest mass shooting in Modern American History.

The fact that this can happen in our country is appalling. The fact that we -still- have individuals who don't recognize societal issues after we have had hundred die due to the same violence is appalling. The fact that this came a little over 24 hours after the heartbreaking and devastating death of Chrstina Grimmie, who was an intelligent, beautiful young female who had her whole life to live is appalling.

Let's hope people on this site do not joke about this tragedy. Shame on you if you do. 50 lives were lost today, and that will only rise. Instead of making a stupid fucking blog on this site laughing about the situation, I would recommend you ponder what just happened in modern America. 50 people woke up this morning without their loved ones, many of which were young adults.

But this is not just a Floridian issue. This is an American issue. While I may feel personally about it as I live in this state, we should all feel personally about it as we live in -this- country. Whether this was crime based upon LGBT hatred or radical Islam, we must all take it seriously. It is a crime where young individuals lost their lives. We don't know everything, so have respect by not making assumptions and speculating about motives. Let the investigation run its course.

My heart is broken right now. The shootings we have had in 48 hours, the horrific deaths we have encountered, are just devastating for everyone in this country. We all must come together and pray for Orlando, the LGBT+ community, and the families and friends of the victims. Go out and make a difference. Think about giving blood to the victims (if you can) or think about sitting silent for a moment and praying for the families and victims.

This is just absolutely devastating. I really hope those in Congress are able to come together, whether Republican or Democrat, and pass bi-partisan gun legislation to try and do -something- to limit these acts. Because at this moment they are not Republican and they are not Democrat, they are Americans confronted with the same tragedies as us.

Whethere you are religious or not, take a moment and put the families and friends of the victims in your thoughts (or prayers), as well as the 53 injured. Give blood if you can and are in the Orlando area, anything helps. #PrayForOrlando
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Apply for My Survivor Game May 22, 2016
It's significantly harder as a yellow level to get people to join your Group Game and believe in your hosting abilities, especially with a plethora of fantastic hosts out there already. That is why I would highly appreciate if you could take the time and apply for Alvard's Survivor: Vietnam, to give me a chance to make a name for myself in the hosting world of Group Games.


It is a closed group, thus you need to request access before applying, but I give access in a mater of minutes if I am online. There are only two spots left, so hurry up! Thank you again, and I really would appreciate it! #casting
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