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Why BB25 ended up being Horrible

Nov 11, 2023 by WrathOfKon
Well its finally over. BB25 ended and we are left with Jag as our winner. A player who volunteered himself to go on the block after being evicted. Who consistently had horrible reads on players but made F2 because he won the same comp over and over again post jury. Now Matt wouldnt have been a great winner but his social game and Ratt game was much better than anything Jag had done.

The early part of this season had hope but twists saved 2 comp beasts in the game and with Jag being gifted 2 HOH back to back the end game become near unwatchable. I hope POV comls can be changed to become more balanced or else modern BB will be hard to watch in the US


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Sent by Amixoxi,Nov 11, 2023

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