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Imagine the shops opening

Aug 29, 2009 by WillyEx
imageCloser look:


can't  wait till they open
Sent by Vessa,Aug 29, 2009
i thought they would sell clothes
Sent by Life,Aug 29, 2009
Life, I think they will sell lots of things but clothes, we already have the auctions for that.
Sent by WillyEx,Aug 29, 2009
when will it happen?!
Sent by xxJaym,Aug 29, 2009
Lol dam you did a good job.
Sent by Luvmeandyou,Aug 29, 2009
I dont know anything about the games and clothes.
I only know about people because of blog stalking
Sent by Life,Aug 29, 2009
LOL the shops are gonna be like designs -_-
Sent by Luvmeandyou,Aug 29, 2009
auctions not designs
Sent by Luvmeandyou,Aug 29, 2009
Thats old luvmeandyou
Sent by WillyEx,Aug 29, 2009
When are they coming out?
Sent by Luvmeandyou,Aug 29, 2009
awesome :)
Sent by Nikkayy,Aug 29, 2009

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