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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

why the fuck

Jul 4, 2020 by Whoa
is this site such a breeding ground for paedophiles? why is there SO MANY? they multiply...i know it's because the playerbase is (was? in the early 2010s) mainly teenagers but i just don't get there really that many paedophiles in the world cuz it feels like there's so many here it's disproportionate. what is wrong with the world


Because it’s heavily 13-18
Sent by noah_kondon,Jul 4, 2020
(it's not just this site)
Sent by HighNoon,Jul 4, 2020
website is full of weirdos

also think it’s a website that feeds on drama and toxicity (I mean every game involves voting people out)

Lot of awful people on here
Sent by alexclow345,Jul 4, 2020
there's no mods and a lot of people on here reward shitty behavior
Sent by PoohSnap,Jul 4, 2020
it's far from exclusive to this website but it's actually insane and disgusting how a considerable amount of this site's remaining audience is a pedophile or a pedophile enabler
Sent by KingGeek,Jul 4, 2020

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