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this is a jimin from aoa hate blog

Jul 3, 2020 by Whoa
we love you mina!!! :((


What happened?? Damn I haven’t heard an Aoa song in a while
Sent by Kindred7,Jul 3, 2020
kindred7 mina who left the group in 2019 revealed she left because of 10 years(!) of bullying from their leader jimin to the point where she attempted suicide over the bullying, took sleeping pills while in the car with jimin to avoid talking to her, didn’t visit her dying father because she was scared of jimin’s reaction to her missing practice. when mina was mourning her dad jimin said she was ruining the mood of the room and kicked her out into a closet...there’s more
Sent by Whoa,Jul 3, 2020
Holy shit
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,Jul 3, 2020
whoa what the hell... omg ok do you watch korean dramas at all? like i swear they portray some koreans as being so vicious and heartless and i thought it was just for the purposes of dramas but i guess they actually can be like that? (im sure it's like that here too... but i feel like it seems more acceptable over there)
Sent by Kindred7,Jul 3, 2020
kindred7 i do but obviously the dramas are exaggerated and not real like not all korean people are dramatic lol every nationality will have some bad eggs - everyone can be vicious no matter what race
Sent by Whoa,Jul 3, 2020
lmao yeah whoa that's what i figured - the stuff you described though i was like 'uhh this is something that sounds like it came straight from a show..' (but i guess everywhere, celebs feel a lot of pressure from their managers or whoever)
Sent by Kindred7,Jul 3, 2020

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