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  5. PYN for a gift :)
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PYN for a sweet message :)

17thJan 1, 2018 by WhateverTheF
I feel like saying some nice things about people, so go...

(INB4 this only gets a small handful of replies since I am basically irrelevant af)

hisoka - We need to play more games because each time we do, we get along so well. You are a gem of a person and have always been sweet and loyal to me and I ty.

thirteen - We seemed to have gotten off on the wrong side of Leatherface's chainsaw. LOL. That's okay though. I fully intend on working with you in a game one day because I really dig you and think you are a unique person with some fantastic taste.

_Adidas_ - We played that one casting together a long time ago and I wish we had communicated more in it. I was sort of pressured by someone else in it to not plus you and that was a mistake. We then reconnected in both a frook and a fasting and I much preferred that because you are a nice guy. We both love The Killing Of A Sacred Deer which makes us minority kings of loving special movies.

Icarus_Mark - Dang, I don't think you and I have ever interacted. But I have seen you around and you seem to be quite the popular member. Maybe we can one day game together. :)

DevinB - You are cool. We played like a single frooks together. Not sure we spoke much but I remember Seth telling me to keep you safe or something. So if Seth, who is awesome, thinks highly of you, then you are aces in my book.

Wade03 - You are awesome. You treat Tracey right and she speaks highly of you. And you were always pleasant to me as well.

CalebDaBoss - All I have really seen of you is blogs back and forth with that Niko (Neko?) person but that's none of my business haha. You seem chill and nice so hopefully we can formally get to one another one day.

Oliviaxoxo - QUEEN STARS WINNER. Always so nice to me in previous blogs so I can see why the TG community got behind you so much. It pays to be a good, genuine soul and you are one.

KatherinePierce - Best VPD character so of course you are awesome. And you are giving (the gift giveaways) and very nice to communicate with in mails.

spartagow - One of my favorites ever. Like a brother to me. Always has my back and I will always have yours. Frookies partner. Fasting partner. All around 10/10 human being.

Music - Never got a chance to meet you either. I love music too? LOL. No but in seriousness, hope I get the opportunity to know you one day. I'm sorry I couldn't say anything sweeter at this point in time.

FallonCarrington Queen of DYNASTY. Merry Christmas Jesus. LOL. Anyone with that username is an a+ person.

Darbe - Really good memories. And that's not me just saying it to say it. Legit genuine good memories. Some not so hot ones but that doesn't matter anymore. You are a smart dude with a bright future and you made my early days here really wonderful.

Electric - I sadly don't know you at all but you seem to be a casting beast so I am bound to run into you at some point in a frooks or fast. :)

YasGaga - I always wanted to interact with you. #legendonhere Hope we get the opportunity to do so soon.

Streamxx - Is that you in the gif on your prof page? If so, you are so pretty! If not, you have amazing taste lol.

Krisstea - You have a fantastic shop with awesome designs. I may have to pick something from there to gift to a friend. Love the treat others message on your profile. So true.

bengalboy - AN #ICON I think you very well could be the most respect and liked person on this site and I can understand why. You are funny, down to earth, and you always interact with everyone. You are part of what makes TG.... TG.

Lazeric - ILY so much. So happy to know you. So happy to play games with you. So happy to be someone you consider a friend.


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