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Two truths and a lie (Grindr Edition)

Aug 24, 2021 by Weetmaster
1) A guy tried filming a hookup without my consent using his laptop camera. While he was in another room I snagged the laptop, deleted the video, and tossed it on my way home. Messaged him, "if you ever try to contact me again I'm going to the police".

2) Local firefighter invited me over. Big arms, loved that guy. Upon finishing up and on my way out, I caught one of his photos, which is a picture of his son, whom I tutored in University. Son is straight tho, but uh... "when you wish upon a star..."

3) Had a run in with an old hookup from like 5 years ago. It was a quickie, nothing special. But he was with his partner, who looked exactly like me, head to toe.... I accepted that threesome... #twinning


Hmmm...this is hard. They all seem so believable! i'm going to say 2 though?
Sent by EEstrada17,Aug 24, 2021
Sent by coreyants,Aug 24, 2021
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Aug 24, 2021
1 cuz I feel like that guy would've chased you down for doing that
Sent by Heavenlee,Aug 24, 2021
Sent by Kentuckyy,Aug 24, 2021
Sent by Midiaw,Aug 24, 2021
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