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Poll: Favorite Disney Channel Sitcom

Dec 30, 2021 by Washed_Ravioli
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                    Even Stevens (00-03): X
                   Lizzie McGuire (01-04):
                 That's So Raven (03-07): XXX
               Phil of the Future (04-06):
                  Life with Derek (05-09):
Suite Life of Zack and Cody (05-08): XX
                Hannah Montana (06-11): XX
             Cory in the House: (07-08):
  Wizards of Waverley Place (07-12):
              Suite Life on Deck (08-11):
          Sonny with a Chance (09-11):
              Good Luck Charlie (10-14):
                                Jessie (11-15): XX
                      Austin & Ally (11-16):



Hannah Montana (06-11)
Sent by bamold1999,Dec 30, 2021
Jessie duh
Sent by Yawnha,Dec 30, 2021
that's so raven
Sent by KingB24,Dec 30, 2021
The Even Steven's erasure
Sent by woeisme,Dec 30, 2021
Ummm. Cory in the house? Jk definitely Raven tho.
Sent by Arik2745,Dec 30, 2021
That's So Raven
Sent by Hunty,Dec 30, 2021
hannah montana honestly
Sent by boyfriend,Dec 30, 2021
jessie for themi
Sent by s73100,Dec 31, 2021
Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Sent by Cromatique,Dec 31, 2021

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