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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

PYN for a memory (game or non-game related)

8thNov 28, 2021 by Washed_Ravioli

salmaan: I remember all the frookies you used to take me out of when I was so nice and kind to you. It really hurt

joey65409: I remember talking to you about orgs and you were watching my org and I couldn't believe it but ur just so genuine and such a great guy in and out of games

Times_Places: I remember our recent frooks where you were working with everyone and I was scared

turkeylover: I remember being a noob on here and you were such a lovely person and we played castings sm and I loved the little group of you and Nate and Smally and all those icons

MrBird: I remember when you flopped ETC but I also fondly remember playing JRBB and you are such a gem

cheritaisdelicious: I remember my first survivor tribe ever being with you, when you tricked me into giving away my secure password. I also remember when you and all your little wenches joined rookies as a premade and took me out for 6th or whatever it was and I was so mad but you all said that it had to be done because you all play together frequently and I'm just not on your level

GentlemanG: The Hunger Games that wasn't ACTUALLY you but also the Stars we played but also the group game where you were PSYCHO ( there was more than one though ;) )

Yawnha: I remember the 20 fucking times you made final 2 deals with me in frooks and betrayed them, but the one time when Maxi and I dragged you across the bloggy page because you absolutely set us off is the most prominent of recollections

mbarnish1: I remember when we came together in Hunger games and went against the majority running the game but just fell short, but it was such a good effort and it was one of my favorite Hunger experiences ever

Voila: QUEEN i remember back during 100 Days of Voting when I would mail you every day who to vote and I would beg you for your Skype but you claimed to not have one. We were such good allies I always support you <3

KingB24: When you killed me in TFT. Which time? Who knows!

sjsoccer88: I remember my first ever survivor with you. You were big name soccer w a very LARGE merge streak and I put my faith in you and you fucked me over big time. I was really upset and we had a little back and forth voting one another out of games for a while until it stopped

Kelly0412: I remember when I was told to stay away from you and I didn't and we had some great time of friendship until we didn't

Jaxon: I remember when you rigged your gg for me, but I also remember when Tylor introduced me to you because you were on our OT and he promised u the world and delivered none of it

bamold1999: I remember one of our first Hunger games together when we were the duo in a large group of about 7 people and everyone was being too pussy to shoot anyone and people like groot were getting so mad because they expect to just sit there and do nothing and get payouts and we were like lol no. Then we made final two and they were so mad

Funnehliner: I remember when you were really nasty to me in Stars and made personal attacks on me and my character and idrk why. Can't wait to play the Hive!!

brandonpinzu: I remember when you would ban my multi lists with like 50 at a time and it was so iconic. You don't seem as active anymore but I will always send you my multi findings!

semajdude: I remember you were so shady in V&S and like everyone felt like they were super close to you and so when people compared notes and saw what was going on it was like :o


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turkey lee curtis
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yeah.. ok
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really? all the things you could say about me and that's all I get? lmaoooo
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lmaooo why do you make everything sound so bad. I am sure I did not say that exactly!
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Sure 😂
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Me 😊
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ok XO
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