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Nature vs. Nurture

Sep 4, 2009 by WarriorInWoolworths
imageAre people born evil..

TWO savage brothers who tortured boys of 11 and nine snarled at their blood-soaked victims: "We can't leave you - you are not dead yet."

The "devil" brothers, aged just ten and 11, made the chilling threat during an unbelievable attack in which they:

BATTERED the terrified boys with sticks and bricks.

FORCED them to sexually abuse each other.

KEPT them captive with barbed wire strung between trees.

URINATED on them while drinking cans of lager.

STUFFED socks in their mouths to prevent them crying for help.

BURNED the eyelids and ears of the nine-year-old with cigarettes.

STAMPED on his genitals and face.

MADE him eat nettles.

RAMMED a sharp stick into his arm, then plunged a burning ciagrette into his wound.

WOUND a noose around the neck of the 11-year-old.

TRAMPLED on his head so fiercely he was blinded.

THREW rocks on him, and DROPPED a broken earthenware sink on his head.

or do they pick it up along the way?

The two brothers responsible for the horrific attack watched horror films and ate cannabis, it has been reported.

From as young as six the brothers watched the notorious 18-certificate Chucky films which featured a demonic doll coming to life and maiming people.

The 'Child's Play' videos were implicated in the killing of Jamie Bulger by Jon Venables and Robert Thomson in 1993.

Venables' father had hired Child's Play 3 just weeks before the toddler had been killed.

It has also emerged the boys' mother used to put cannabis in their tea so they would go to sleep early and she could have a quiet night.

One female realtive told the Sun: 'My friend said she had walked into the house one day and was totally disgusted because she had caught her putting cannabis on a chocolate cake.'

whatever the reason, it's highly fucked up.

in other news: what does 'health' mean on your page?


I do not believe we are born evil.  Things that we do/are done to us when we are in the early developmental stages mold us into knowing, or believing what is right or wrong.
Sent by Uskyld,Sep 4, 2009
It's horrible... i blame society as a whole.. the parents are directly responsible for not showing their children how to love and be loved by society are to blame for not making sure children like this are living with people who can care for them... it just makes me wanna cry
Sent by EssexGirl,Sep 4, 2009
that was but not by..oops
Sent by EssexGirl,Sep 4, 2009
They were probably acting out what they themselves have suffered or similar at the hands of their drug addict parents
Sent by EssexGirl,Sep 4, 2009
that's what i thought at first, EG, but i don't think society can be blamed for this. they'd already been placed with foster parents who just couldn't control them at all :\
Sent by WarriorInWoolworths,Sep 4, 2009
maybe too little too late??
Sent by EssexGirl,Sep 4, 2009
I have to be honest though.. i dont know the complete circumstances.. cant bear to read it
Sent by EssexGirl,Sep 4, 2009
Sent by Fiona89,Sep 4, 2009

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