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  1. Is this not loading for anyone else !?
  2. Site to watch series !? :o
  3. Is this not loading for
  4. Who's going home
  5. Where can I watch real world
  6. BBOTT
  7. Who got evicted in BB
  8. Victor has a good chance ..
  9. Who's getting evicted as of now
  10. Who's getting evicted in big brother!?
  11. Is da'vonne
  12. Who's going home this week
  13. Me being back in the top 20
  14. Who's leaving as of now in BB USA
  15. Is da'vonne staying so far !?
  16. Who are these people !?
  17. You think the bb house
  18. What are the rumors on bb18
  19. Why does SIA never show her face !?
  20. Who faught with who !?
  21. How's everyone voting this week
  22. Who's going home !?
  23. Will they still be a pov !?
  24. Who will the brothers target !?
  25. Who's staying in BBcanada so far !?
  26. What are the BBUSA rumors so far !?
  27. Whats happening in the bbcanada house!?
  28. Who is the replacment nom in bb canada !!
  29. Who is the next BBcanada HOH !?
  30. Is mitch staying so far !?
  31. Who's staying in big brother canada !?
  32. Who will loveita nomiante !? :o
  33. Who's staying so far in BBCANADA!?
  34. Who wants to join survivor
  35. How's everyone voting in
  36. Back in the hall of fame :D
  37. I'm rank 21st
  39. Howie from big brother
  40. PYN for my snapchat

Is da'vonne

19thAug 3, 2016 by VoLcOmVaNs
Forsure getting evicted tomorrow !?


yes.... 95% chance
Sent by FrankieJGrande,Aug 3, 2016
Not for sure, but pretty likely.
Sent by _Aria,Aug 3, 2016
As of now yes, but she has a 25% chance of staying but even if it's a tie Paul is probably going to listen to Paulie and send home Day. I think it was dumb to even put her up because she wasn't even coming after him.
Sent by TheIconicBlackout,Aug 3, 2016
i support volcomvans
Sent by TheThomas,Aug 3, 2016
I'm gonna cry
Sent by Jakeee1123,Aug 3, 2016

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