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1stJun 29, 2013 by Vitamin
19 of the best casting players (judging by records, sorry if I missed any amazing people) and me battling it out in a 20 person slow casting for that 1st!!!! WHAT DO YA THINK? WANNA TRY IT?
Who would win out of all of these?!!?!??!!?!??!!?

& me Vitamin


Me when Im not in the list
Sent by Funnehliner,Jun 29, 2013
:'( im not there yet I guess
Sent by Jogon,Jun 29, 2013
what about me
Sent by Baseball12,Jun 29, 2013
do i really need to be there
Sent by ricktworick1,Jun 29, 2013
Sent by Jenii_Valenta,Jun 29, 2013
Sent by Carter_Pewterschmidt,Jun 29, 2013
Sent by pokemaster,Jun 29, 2013
lol 19 amazing ppl and then there is you
Sent by BlueDust,Jun 29, 2013
haha i've made final day on here in every game and won everyone on my .es b4 it got banned and was in 32 hahahahHAHHAHAHA, but you probably.
Sent by Brule,Jun 29, 2013
2hillaireus is really good at slow castings
Sent by Tommeh208,Jun 29, 2013
Probs Megan or fink
Sent by LeXXXy,Jun 29, 2013
you all have no life
Sent by _Aria,Jun 29, 2013
i beat megan am i good
Sent by dmann,Jun 29, 2013
lmao hey
Sent by BOBROCKS333,Jun 29, 2013
you all have no life
Sent by _Aria,Jun 29, 2013
Sent by iScotty,Jun 29, 2013
I think if aquamarine put his mind to it, he could win
Sent by Lemjam6,Jun 29, 2013
imma win bitch
Sent by Guillomouve,Jun 29, 2013
why am I not on there...
Sent by Clone,Jun 29, 2013
Vitamin why am i not up there cuz i would do it ugh
Sent by rellizuraddixion,Jun 29, 2013
I could see fink pulling through.
Sent by markuskaus,Jun 29, 2013
that would be fun but I would get like 20th LOL
Sent by Delarmes,Jun 29, 2013
slow castings all stars or biggest loser
Sent by BbDamian,Jun 29, 2013
lol I beat some of these folks already. I do want a rematch with Kezzy though, she beat me twice
Sent by DCSooner,Jun 29, 2013
ive only once 1/13 where am I?
Sent by BostonRob_,Jun 29, 2013
You'd never see me in there
Sent by Markb101,Jun 29, 2013
can i join
Sent by Lucinda,Jun 29, 2013
LOLLLLL bbdamian
Sent by hwest14,Jun 29, 2013
Jenzie would win
Sent by LittleDee,Jun 29, 2013
Where's bobrocks333
Sent by etaco75,Jun 29, 2013
Sent by Mp231,Jun 29, 2013
aint nobody got time for that.
Sent by baseballdude,Jun 29, 2013
fun idea,
though i'd guess i should be in there someplace.
Sent by Claud,Jun 29, 2013
I would not win because i'm too busy now.
Sent by Megan,Jun 29, 2013
13 Feb, 13
Sent by JosephinaAlexis,Jun 29, 2013
etaco75 on the list
claud you're great at castings :) never saw your record before i mad this
Sent by Vitamin,Jun 29, 2013
This would be fun to see how far I could get
Also ur missing noontar
Sent by obscurity,Jun 29, 2013
seriously obscurity USE FUCKING CTRL+F HE'S ON THE LIST
Sent by Vitamin,Jun 29, 2013
Wtf vitamin I can't read
Sent by etaco75,Jun 29, 2013
sweetgirls1008 she almost always wins slow casting..
Sent by AngelOfWater,Jun 29, 2013
sure and you forgot @Ikread
Sent by Noxfgh,Jun 29, 2013
why not, I would join
Sent by Butcher,Jun 29, 2013
I feel like claud should be here since he used to be amazing
Sent by TBIbetch,Jun 29, 2013
i wanted to put her in angelofwater but i couldn't remember her username :(
i just replaced bo_om with her since he's banned :)
Sent by Vitamin,Jun 29, 2013
ROFL sorry i was on my phone
Sent by obscurity,Jun 29, 2013
inkread could beat like all of them rofl
Sent by Yaxha,Jun 29, 2013
ty TBIBetch

...used to be?!? ;)
Sent by Claud,Jun 29, 2013
yay me
Sent by ricktworick1,Jun 29, 2013
ummm the best casting player isn't me or yall
Sent by treyhurt13,Jun 29, 2013
Nvm I didn't see megan megan is the best xD
Sent by treyhurt13,Jun 29, 2013
hi me
vitamin :)
Sent by beautifulbones,Jun 29, 2013
& you missed o_Elle_o
Sent by beautifulbones,Jun 29, 2013
Sent by lassidoggy,Jun 29, 2013
Best 3 I've played against was you vitamin then marek (can't remember full name) and bo_om
Sent by bailey5000,Jun 29, 2013
Sent by TheThomas,Jun 29, 2013
bailey5000 we played a casting? idr :o
Sent by Vitamin,Jun 29, 2013
vitamin yeh it was last year just the once, from that game I learnt how to win seeing the way you played :p I still remember now because of that, ohh you won btw (shocker lol)
Sent by bailey5000,Jun 29, 2013
this is a really good idea
Sent by sahmosean,Jun 29, 2013
Sent by Claud,Jun 29, 2013
Claud would win obviously.
Sent by Seal,Jun 29, 2013
Everyone is active so the winner would probably be someone who's good at challenges
Sent by Terry,Jun 29, 2013
you forgot me
Sent by tharealmike,Jun 29, 2013
would love to see a vitamin XxZaCxX   battle to the end
Sent by derbylove,Jun 29, 2013
me when I ain't on there
Sent by Michaelf1114,Jun 29, 2013
This has already happened before.
Sent by Antwane,Jun 30, 2013
WOW I'm really offended by this tbh...... Vitamin
Sent by WhitneyStar119,Jun 30, 2013
i said this in a blog a month ago xoxo
Sent by unkown,Jun 30, 2013
You guys shouldn't be proud to be on this list, you should be ashamed. It shows how much of a life you dont have.
Sent by Dannny,Jun 30, 2013
jessem should be there
Sent by soxroks247,Jun 30, 2013
Phenomanimal would win :D
Sent by gematria,Jun 30, 2013
Sent by Haliem24,Jun 30, 2013
xxzacxx would win....
Sent by Zbase4,Jun 30, 2013
As im not here... Vitamin Jenzie or I would obviously win lol
Sent by Vixanu,Jun 30, 2013
whitneystar119 I never noticed your record before :s you should be on here though
vixanu lol cocky
Sent by Vitamin,Jun 30, 2013
Sent by ladylizard,Jun 30, 2013
i want to joinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Sent by hMzz,Jun 30, 2013
Lol beautifulbones no thank you
Sent by o_Elle_o,Jun 30, 2013
Vixanu excuse me, is my huge castings win streak not GOOD ENOUGH????????////////
Sent by Phenomanimal,Jun 30, 2013
maybe this should be rethought and restructured to be a 4 cast tourney type of thing.
this way the others that deserve to be included and have better records than some above, could be included.
the 4 games as play-offs,
top 5 from each advancing to the championship castings game.
Sent by Claud,Jun 30, 2013
claud thats a good idea omg
Sent by Vitamin,Jul 2, 2013

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