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  1. Spam for gifts?
  2. I love Neda
  4. Im talking to Skyler
  5. Is it plausible to get a shop?
  6. Poor Neda :/
  7. Who did Alison
  9. Why did rachelle
  10. Can I watch BBCAN live online?
  11. Honestly
  12. Omg
  13. Favorite Neda moment
  14. Cause it's you and me
  15. If Neda doesn't win
  16. Team Neda?
  17. BBCAN
  18. Omg
  19. Omg BBCAN
  20. Name the "first five" alliance
  21. My ex
  22. I joined fasting for health
  23. I love
  24. Blue Balls
  25. Whos Ricky
  26. Those weird kids
  27. My Name is
  28. Paste here..
  29. recapping on bb canada
  30. whos the liar
  31. If tengaged had
  32. Sixth time
  33. who wants to have a happy ending
  34. "I never want to hurt you"
  35. Fav BB Quote
  36. in all honesty...
  37. Ive had the biggest crush
  38. Link to bbcan?
  39. Did Phenomanimal
  40. Shop Fund


Apr 2, 2014 by Vision
Edit better please..

Before they showed nomination ceremony where ika nommed heather and Paul they showed a confessional by heather saying "omg I feel safe, Ika's my girl!"

But the next episode they showed heathers confessional after the ceremony saying I had a feeling I was going up...

Obvi the confession before ceremony was edited in there from a diary room session right after the hoh comp ika won.


i know . producers suck
Sent by MileyTwerk,Apr 2, 2014

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