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  1. Are there any fraternities?
  2. Dancing with the Stars
  3. I didn’t even realize BOGOs were in scope
  4. Did you guys hear?
  5. Omg Silas
  6. Awwww
  7. New month
  8. Hey All!
  9. Hellooooooo
  10. I would love to play stars again
  11. Hello tengaged users
  12. I just watched AHSHotel
  13. Happy Friday Everyone!
  14. I am totally team Johnny Mac!
  15. Hiiii
  16. Why did they vote Vanessa to stay?
  17. About to watch PLL soon!
  18. Max bet button?
  19. Just watched BB
  20. I want to play a survivor game
  21. 5th in my 1st Hunger Games
  22. Whoa! Gil from Finding Nemo
  23. PLL tonight!
  24. If I got the chance to play stars again
  25. Who do you think?
  26. Umm
  27. Wow!
  28. Just bought black
  29. I will never understand
  30. Hey I just met youuuu
  31. Hmm doesn't seem to be any remorse there
  32. Who is someone
  33. Hello everyone!
  34. I'm so out of the loop
  35. Going to get some sleep
  36. I can't wait for BB America
  37. Serious question
  38. I wish I could be given a chance
  39. She's the real queen of the V's!
  40. I had a beer for the first time tonight

Are there any fraternities?

Feb 3, 2018 by Vienna16
That welcome anyone to join? I hope there is because I’d like to be in one! :)


Sent by Aidan0621,Feb 3, 2018
Okay aidan0621 :) I just joined!
Sent by Vienna16,Feb 3, 2018

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