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My Shirt Designs

Mar 23, 2009 by Vessa
For the past week i have been making shirts for the players in my game it's easy to do and i enjoy making them. here are some of the designs: (alex Brooklyn shirt) (haribo ManU shirt & hat) (vessa Red Sox shirt) (shayybayy B-day) (princessteepee ManU shirt) (alex Yankees shirt) (justmad Chelsea shirt)

Tell me what you think. are they good...bad..ok? I wanted to give our avatars a new look. If you like what you see just let me know and i can make one for you.

Thanx <3


Sent by BarnesDyke,Mar 23, 2009
Love em!
Will you please tell me how you did them ? lol
Sent by 2cool4school,Mar 23, 2009
Steal's alex's shirt.
Give me dat
Sent by Yankee1006,Mar 23, 2009
Well done!
Sent by phanne,Mar 23, 2009
Sent by Tom8478,Mar 23, 2009
Love them!! :) Very good !!
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Mar 23, 2009
I think that nike could sue or something if you used their logo without there permission (which is why you usually see them blurred on tv shows). So I doubt one of those could be useable
Sent by Alisowned,Mar 23, 2009
I will be upset if shitty designs like this make the avatar store.
Sent by Kathreya,Mar 23, 2009
Sent by Richpaca,Mar 23, 2009
Sent by haribo,Mar 23, 2009
Sent by Libra,Mar 23, 2009
theyre all ugly as fuck.
Sent by Sarina,Mar 23, 2009

Sent by imxrated93,Mar 24, 2009

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