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Please help me

Dec 15, 2018 by Versace
I'm a senior in high school and we recently graduated (it's different here in my country; we finish our year at the end of the year) and I'm gay. I developed strong feelings for this one guy and it's crazy because I've never felt something like this before with another guy. I've written a love letter and I passed it to him at the end of our prom night just now (it's 1 AM here currently), and I specifically told him to read it alone. I've asked him before what would he say to a gay guy who confessed their feelings to him and he said he'd say that he's sorry because he can't reciprocate because he's into girls. I feel guilty now cos I feel like I made him feel like he led me on this whole time. It's my first serious crush ever and right now idk if I should wait for a reply (I already know i'm gonna be heartbroken) or if I should just forget he ever existed. Helpppppppp!

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