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5thJul 25, 2018 by Vanili
image Krisstea Happy Birthday to the most amazing girl in the world ❤️ Words can't describe what you mean to me and I am so honored and blessed to have such an amazing friend like you in my life. The main reason I stick around is you and our talks is what makes my days. You deserve all the happiness there is and I truly wish you have an amazing birthday and I wish I could be there celebrating with you. Not this year but in the future we will celebrate together for sure ❤️ LOVE YOU GIRLY.

Here are some Birthday wishes from people that loves you muchas (NOT AS MUCH AS I LOVE YOU THOUGH) tihi . (Hope I didn't forget any1 oop)

Happy birthday Krisstea!! <3 I hope you have a wonderful one girl! Thank you so much for being such a kind and awesome person and fratmate! You've always been there not only for me, but for so so many people, and I value that so much about you. You're honest and strong, but also kind and very friendly!! Please always keep that smile on your face, because that's what makes you an amazing person! Love you ❤️


Happy birthday Krisstea!! ❤️ Thank you for always being so kind and generous. You definitely bring light to this dark website :*


Kriss ❤️
Happy Birthday ! we might not talk everyday but I honestly feel like I can talk to you about anything... you're the sweetest and most real person I have met on this site. Anyone who has you as a friend should know how lucky we are because people like you are rare on tengaged. I wouldn't have such an amazing av if it wasn't for you and gifting me so many times.. I miss our conversations! I remember when you showed me a picture of you for the first and I was shocked.. not only were you gorgeous on the inside.. you were absolutely stunning on the outside! before I write a novel of how amazing you are (because I really could) I'll end this :) I hope you have a really good birthday Month ;) because no one deserve it as much as you do!!


Happy Birthday Krisstea. You are one of the sweetest people I have ever met and have always gone above and beyond to be there for your friends. I hope today is all about you and you have any amazing day ❤️ !!!


I hope you have a great birthday, hope you get to eat all the cake and ice cream you want and that your day is full of fun. You deserve all the love, hugs and happiness, enjoy your day my friend! Happy, happy birthday!


OMG I love you krisstea!!!! One of the people that kept me on this shitty site! Happy Birthday ❤️


Happy Birthday Kristy! ❤️
Thanks so much for being such a great friend to me! I really appreciate and value our friendship. You have been nothing but nice to me throughout the time I've known you. It's been such a pleasure and honour getting to know you and I wish you everything of the best in your future endeavors!
Stay as precious as you are!
Stay the kind soul that you are!
Basically just always be you!
Lots of love,
Akshar. Jameslu

Happy Birthday Kriss! I wish you tons of happiness and great moments. Having you as a friend is truly a bless! I don't know a kinder and lovlier person than you. Keep your smile on and don't change for anyone, you are perfect the you are ❤️


krissty ❤️ wishing you a very happy birthday, you're so sweet and I have always loved you from the moment we met, I think we spent hours talking to each other mostly about stuff not related to tengaged, but you are such an easy person to talk to, and you're always there when I need someone, especially when I need a day off work, I still have that handwritten note you wrote for me to get me a day off, but seriously I hope you have an awesome day cause you really deserve it ❤️


Happy Birthday Kristy!! I hope that you have a day that is just as amazing as you are :D  It has been so great getting to know you over the past few years.  You are my closest friend on Tengaged and I thank my lucky stars everyday for getting the chance to get to know you.  You do so much for everyone everyday that I hope today they stop asking and start giving back :) Have an amazing day Kristy and Ill talk to you as soon as you wake up :P

-Zack :) TrYhArD1441

Happy birthday Ms. Tea ! I wish you the best, you are amazing and I'm so glad to be your friend  keep going with your designs because you rock !( by you rock I meant like peanut M&M's), very kind and sweet. I hope you can have an amazing day, lots of gifts ❤️  and a lot more because you deserve  HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAY ! Hopefully Taylor will meet you today ❤️


Happy Birthday hun <3 I have got a lot closer to you this year and would really consider you a friend. Thank you for you continuous help and support with regards to shops and designs. I don't think anyone could think of a bad word to say about you. You're a bright, nice and caring person on here. Have a lovely day ❤️


Sweet Krisstea where do I begin? It's not often you find someone on this site with such a great spirit as yourself. I can talk to you about anything and everything (and boy do I sometimes I think I put you to sleep) knowing it will stay between us :)  I am so blessed to have met you and consider you one of my best friends on this site. Whenever I am feeling down you are always there to pick me up. This place could use a few more beautiful souls to spread love as you always do.  I cherish you I love you I hope your birthday is full of joy and laughter and yessss we have to have a charity game for you :)
When you are hitting them bars don't forget to have a drink for me!!



♥️ cute
Sent by FelipeS,Jul 25, 2018
krisstea happy birthday. i wish you a magic day and thanks for always being so kind, such a lovely person. Enjoy this day and keep moving on as this amazing girl :D
Sent by Matte,Jul 25, 2018
Oh damn I totally forgot about this. Happy Birthday Kristea, wish u all the best, because u r really the best. <3
Sent by Ari_,Jul 25, 2018
<3 happy birthday hun Krisstea
Sent by LoveLife,Jul 25, 2018
Krisstea happy Birthday!! <3
Sent by Sameed27,Jul 25, 2018
Awe happy birthday krisstea I hope your day is amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sent by JustMe,Jul 25, 2018
You're an amazing person Krisstea love you and thank you
Sent by BrainJak,Jul 25, 2018
Happy Birthday Krisstea, I hope you have an amazing birthday.  I wish you the best always! ♥
Sent by Jenna2010,Jul 25, 2018
Happy birthday Krisstea :) <3
Sent by GoodKaren,Jul 25, 2018
Happy birthday! =D
Sent by dandoe,Jul 25, 2018
Happy Birthday ILY Krisstea!!
Sent by gagaluv,Jul 25, 2018
happy birthday krisstea ♥️♥️♥️♥️ hope your day is as amazing as you :)
Sent by Brandt69,Jul 25, 2018
Happy Birthday!
Sent by Paige54,Jul 25, 2018
Happy birthday Krisstea hope you have an amazing day.
Sent by Steefano,Jul 25, 2018
Happy birthday Kriss!
Sent by mercedes415,Jul 25, 2018
OMG, Thank you so much everyone, ily all sooo much <3
Sent by Krisstea,Jul 25, 2018
Happy Birthday to the most amazing chick on this site. Your heart is pure gold. Love you.
Sent by heatherlum,Jul 25, 2018
Sent by Crayadian,Jul 25, 2018
HAppy birthday Krisstea <3
Sent by GrrrImABear,Jul 25, 2018
SuDoYu Shall rise again.
Sent by QueenDoe,Jul 26, 2018
happy birthdayy kristeaa<3
Sent by XxLoveWakizaxX,Jul 26, 2018
Sent by Minniemax,Jul 27, 2018

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