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BS:Misfit Island: Episode Four

Jun 16, 2016 by Utsumi
Episode Title: The Mega Misfit.
Previously on Blog Survivor: Misfit Islands:

After being blindsided on Sarmikas, Rodrigues felt alone and betrayed on his tribe. With Camilla, Haileyy, and threedevils now in charge; Rodrigues felt that he needed to prove himself more than ever before.

At the immunity challenge, The tribes faced off against each other in a mario-kart style face off With Dito proving himself to be strong competitor on Imleik which in turn took a toll on MrBird's ego with Pilatesgrl trying to console him. The victory on Sarmikas bought Rodrigues more time to figure out his situation. While Ilus lost immunity, the tribe seemed unsure if they were going to vote out Survivor8 or CrimsonEnnui, but Survivor8's plan to let Crimson dig his own grave worked, and Crimson overplayed his hand costing him his game.

13 Survivors remain, who will be voted out tonight?

Sarmikas (Will always wear Orange)
JourdanBabyXoXo (Eliminated 16th place)
coolnarwhal88 (Eliminated 15th place)

Ilus (will always wear Pink)
CrimsonEnnui (Eliminated 14th place)

Imleik (Will always wear Green)

**Post Tribal: Ilus**

Survivor8 was actually a bit surprised that his plan worked. But now that it had, and he was still here, he knew that there wasn't anywhere else to hide. Crimson was gone. Westtemp, Eoin, and Dakota were together. He had painted himself into a corner.

"Fucking Good," Dakota thought. He didn't care much for CrimsonEnnui anyway, and the vote just further proved how strong he was in the game. He didn't have any complaints.

Westtemp was just so excited to get to go to another vote, but after their walk home, Eoin did tell him to shut up. It was really rude....but he did it anyway.

Eoin didnt care who left. Survivor8 or CrimsonEnnui, it didn't matter to him. One less person to deal with and one step closer to the end. Although it was the first time he had cracked so far in the game, he did snap at WestTemp who was being annoying as usual. Meh. He'll get over it.

**Immunity Challenge**

In a ringtoss challenge, Sarmika's proved themselves to be the champions with Rodrigues getting the most points followed by ThreeDevils. Ilus came in second place with Dakota and WestTemp getting the most points for the team. While Imleik scored the worst with Absol and CharlotteArnold not scoring a single point for their tribe.

Maxiphone27 looked at the tribes,
Imleik has lost immunity and will be going to tribal council tonight

**Tribal Life**


Rodrigues knew he had proven himself to be a strong person. In fact, he was confident in saying he was the strongest person on the tribe. Now he wanted to prove that he could also be a provider. During the day he took out the fishing gear that they had won to surprise everyone with a fish feast. Maybe that'll earn him some more respect.

ThreeDevils was crestfallen...he lost it, Rodrigues lost the fishing gear. How can you even do that? He said he let the spear go to hit a fish but then he lost he had no fish and now he lost the fishing gear....what the fuck was wrong with this guy?! It was the one way that ThreeDevils had found to relax and Rodrigues had ruined it.

Camilla was mad when Rodrigues lost the fishing gear. But she had this feeling that it wasn't on accident. He knew that he was on the bottom and maybe he did this out of spite? Who knows? But at least he's sealed his fate to go home as soon as possible. Stupid SpearLoser.

Haileyy wasn't too upset about the fishing gear being lost. She disagreed with Camilla that it was on purpose. But she didn't think they had any luck with it anyway since the fish that they did catch the other day was just mostly bone and other gross stuff. But she needed to support her friends. Don't want to be the odd man out.


Dakotacoons was smart. While his loyalty remained with Eoin and Westtemp, he made sure to entertain the idea of keeping Survivor8 around. You never know what happens in the game so it's best to keep your options open.

Westtemp had really taken it to heart, what Eoin had said to him earlier about being more quiet. Turns out that Eoin was right. When you close your mouth, you see a lot more of what's going on. Maybe it'll help him in the game if he looks more than he talks.

Eoin was just glad to get Westtemp to cool his heels. It was nice to have a bit of quiet time from him. In the midst of his quiet time he did notice something interesting...Dakota and Survivor8 have been talking a lot more....that was something that Eoin took notice of.

Survivor8 was just glad to have someone to talk to. Dakota was kind of an egotistical dickhole, but that dickhole may be the only chance of survival right now. It was really important for Survivor8 to make sure that they stay in communication.


CharlotteArnold knew it was time. It was time to make her first real move. She didn't have many friends here, but she did have Dito. The first vote should be pretty simple. Gather herself, Dito, and Absol to vote out MrBird. Ironically enough, he didn't fit in with the misfits. He was whiny and not as strong has he orignally said.

Dito agreed with CharlotteArnold; and thankfully he knew he could count on Absol to vote with him. It made sense, MrBird didn't even want to be on this tribe, so he'd make it happen and take him out of the game. Absol seemed very responsive to the idea when they spoke. It's nice to have friends like this.

Absol was very close with Dito, closer than he was with anyone else. But he wasn't quite comfortable with the idea of voting out MrBird. MrBird was much stronger than CharlotteArnold so it made sense to keep him over her...The biggest question for Absol was to vote with your heart or vote with your head?

Pilatesgrl saw the writing on the wall for MrBird. So she did what she could to help out her friend. She warned MrBird that was the vote. Absol was the one who brought it to her attention that he was the vote but even Absol didn't seem 100% sold on the idea. Maybe he was trying to throw her off. But she really didn't think he was that smart.

MrBird wasn't ready to be voted out. Not yet. Please not yet. He spoke to Pilatesgrl who seemed pretty strong with him. Then gave a last ditch effort plea to Absol...Absol brought him to this tribe...maybe he'll keep it around? Who knows....It would be a great time to have an idol...

**Tribal Countil: Imleik**
Maxiphone started tribal council, as the last tribe to come here he stated how surprised he was. The misfits were able to hold on for so long. Old tribe loyalty was brought up. The strong agreement was that it didn't matter what your old tribe was, Sarmikas or Ilus, because they didn't want you. All five were proud to be Imleik.


Vote 1: MrBird

Vote 2: MrBird

Vote 3: CharlotteArnold

Vote 4: CharlotteArnold

Vote 5...

and the fourth person voted out of Blog Survivor: Misfit Islands...

CharlotteArnold. With three votes, the tribe has spoken. Time to go.

CharlotteArnold walked out. Dito's mouth was wide open as he looked at Absol, his "friend". Absol kept his head down in shame.... "What have I done?"

12 survivors left; who will be voted out next? Who will win?

Thoughts? Comments? What would your next move be? I love to hear from you guys, let me know what you think!


Sent by MrBird,Jun 16, 2016
Sent by Absol,Jun 16, 2016
Oops looks like I sealed my fate potentially a tribe swap or merge this round !?
Sent by Rodrigues75,Jun 16, 2016
i love me
Sent by Eoin,Jun 16, 2016
rodrigues is a mess, i love it.
Sent by maxiphone27,Jun 16, 2016
Its cool. Just gotta do damage control. And let Absol know i still have his back regardless if he voted with me or not. Bird and pilatesgrl Have each other, so it would only be smart if absol and I worked together.

Sent by Dito,Jun 16, 2016
Eoin your so rude to me ;-;
Sent by WestTemp,Jun 17, 2016

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