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BS:Misfit Island: Episode Three

Jun 14, 2016 by Utsumi
Episode Title: "Blah Blah Blah"
Previously on Blog Survivor: Misfit Islands:

On Sarmikas, Camilla found herself alone, without her friend Jourdan, where she ended up turning to Haileyy and ThreeDevils for comfort. While Haileyy and Threedevils became closer friends.

Ilus had Dakotacoons as their leader, and everyone was vying for his attention and loyalty. Crimson and Survivor8 feeling the most vulerable, both trying to get in good with Dakota.

Imleik was happy to see their new tribemate, Pilatesgrl show up from Ilus. MrBird was the most excited to make a connection with his old tribemate. While Dito and Absol started to bond, Leaving Charlottearnold clutching onto Dito to find her place in the game.

At the immunity challenge, Imleik proved their worth by coming in first place and Ilus soon followed, sending Sarmikas to tribal council.

Coolnarwhal and Rodirgues saw the opportunity to keep a majority in the game by bringing Camilla over to their side, but Camilla decided to take kindness and loyalty over strength and power and in the first blindside of the season, Coolnarwhal was voted out. Leaving Rodrigues without his closest ally.

14 survivors remain, who will be voted out tonight?

Sarmikas (Will always wear Orange)
JourdanBabyXoXo (Eliminated 16th place)
coolnarwhal88 (Eliminated 15th place)

Ilus (will always wear Pink)

Imleik (Will always wear Green)

**Post Tribal: Sarmikas**

Rodrigues walked back in shock. It really didn't make any sense to him for Camilla to vote out Coolnarwhal like that. He was the strongest person in the game and it was too soon to be so petty. They needed strength, they needed power....maybe it was Rodrigues who needed strength...who needed power..Maybe just a prayer.

To be quiet honest, Haileyy was nervous last night. She wasn't sure what camilla was going to do. But if there some was something that Hailey was good at, it was making a point. and she made a good point that loyalty stands over everything else. It's a good think she always had her rock, ThreeDevils with her.

ThreeDevils was pretty proud that he was able to help Hailey pull off the blindside last night. Hailey always seems to be second guessing herself, but he just needed to show her the confidence. They could make it to the end.

Camilla felt a deep satisfaction for voting out CoolNarwhal. She felt like she really got revenge. It was comforting. Not only that but she found herself in a majority team. Sure, she was at the bottom of three, but it's better than being at the bottom of five. It'll work, for now.

**Immunity Challenge**
In a mario-kart paddle boat contest, four players from each tribe are put in their own boat and must paddle around to take out the other's tribes targets. Survivor8 sits out for Ilus and Absol sits out for Imelik. The first tribe out will go to tribal council, the last tribe remaining will win fishing gear. Second place gets nothing.
Elimination Order:
Dito takes out Crimson (4 Sarmikas 3 Ilus 4 Imleik)
Dito takes out Eoin (4 Sarmikas 2 Ilus 4 Imleik)
Rodrigues takes out CharlotteArnold (4 Sarmikas 2 Ilus 3 Imleik)
DakotaCoons takes out MrBird (4 Sarmikas 2 Ilus 2 Imleik)
Dito takes out ThreeDevils (3 Sarmikas 2 Ilus 2 Imleik)
WestTemp takes outs Pilatesgrl (3 Sarmikas 2 Ilus 1 Imleik [Dito])
DakotaCoons Takes out Camilla (2 Sarmikas 2 Ilus 1 Imleik [Dito])
Rodrigues takes out Westtemp (2 Sarmikas 1 Ilus [DakotaCoons] 1 Imleik [Dito] )
Dito takes out DakotaCoons (2 Sarmikas [Hailey/Rodrigues] ZERO ILUS 1 Imleik [Dito])

Ilus is the first tribe eliminated! With Dito taking out three of them alone! Ilus will be going to Tribal council! Hailey and Rodriuges are still playing against Dito for the fishing gear. who will win?

Hailey takes out Dito

Sarmikas wins the Fishing gear!!!

Imelik, you win nothing, you lose nothing.

Ilus, Maxiphone27 looked at the tribe "I'll see you at tribal tonight"

**Tribal Life**

Dito was amazed with himself! Sure, they didn't win the fishing gear, but he took out FOUR people! If there was any doubt before about how strong he was, that was gone now! It's starting to seem that his misfit tribe was the power tribe after all! He celebrated with Absol, Pilates, and Charlotte on his success. MrBird said he was tired.

MrBird did decide to go to bed early. Not because he was tired, but because he was embarrassed for himself. He had propped himself up to be this great challenge force...but he somehow let that one weirdo with the lazy eye from Ilus take him out, Dakota? Montana? he had some state name. He was bitter and didn't feel like showing off how lame he was. But he was thankful for Pilates

Pilates was very perceptive and decided to go check in on MrBird. She gave him a pep talk and promised him that no one thought bad about him during the challenge. Things like this happen. She could tell that it really made MrBird feel better. She felt better talking to him too.

CharlotteArnold noticed that MrBird didn't join in celebrating their victory. She might not be in the inner circle, but she made sure that it was pointed out to Absol and Dito. If there was anything that Charlotte was good at, it was finding busses to throw people under. Honk Honk, MrBird, Honk Honk.

Absol was happy, not only because he was safe, but because he was aligned with a good person! Dito was amazing! Charlotte was right about MrBird, it was a hard pill for him to swallow. But we don't have time for bitter bitches, and he better cheer up..or it's bye bye birdie.


Rodrigues needed this, not only did he need immunity, but he needed to prove his worth on the tribe. And taking out two people in the challenge really did prove that. He bought himself some respect and he bought himself some time...13th place is better than 14th place, right?

ThreeDevils was obsessed with the new fishing gear that they got! He was a city boy but he loved to swim and he figured it'd be pretty easy to learn how to catch fish. It only took him three hours to catch his first one. It was small, but enough for everyone to fry up and take a bite. So worth it.

Haileyy was proud of herself, she was the one who clinched the win for her tribe. They needed it too, now that they were down to four people it was a bit tense and she knew that Rodriuges was on edge (and rightly so!) but this was a nice calm period. with some nice fish...that was mostly bone...

Camilla was pretty impressed with everyone on her tribe, they were all proving themselves to be worthwhile...but really...what has she done? Maybe it was anxiety...maybe it was paranoia...but she was feeling...something...weird...


Fucking Typical, thought Eoin, Crimson found a way for us to lose the challenge. He's been nothing but a hassle this whole game. what's the point of keeping him around? Eoin thought it'd be a good idea to go to Dakota, sure Survivor8 and CrimsonEnnui were most likely evenly matched when it came to challenges, but at least Survivor8 wasn't as annoying.

Survivor8 knew he was in the hot seat. He chose to sit out of the challenge, which may have been even worse than getting last. So he did what he always did best, work around camp and keep his mouth shut. Hopefully Crimson will talk himself into a hole.

Dakotacoons was pissed off. How could that bitch Dito take him out from behind? While that's how he usually liked it, it was quite rude today. He was his tribe's last hope. No, don't frame it like that. Frame it differently. Who deserves to go?

CrimsonEnnui made his rounds, He spoke to Eoin and Westtemp. Survivor8 Needed to go, he was worthless. He spoke to Dakota. Survivor8 needed to go, he was worthless. He spoke to Survivor8. Why don't you grab more leaves, survivor8?. Survivor8 didn't suspect anything. Brilliant.

Westtemp was like totally talking to Eoin about it and you know how sometimes people talk to much? Yeah, it's totally annoying. He hated it when people talked too much, it was like they didn't know that people wanted them to shut up. One time when he was in middle school he had this teacher, Mrs. Mason, who would always talk about her two dogs...I think they were poodles or maybe they were german shepards? I don't know. They were pretty similar dogs though? but she'd always talk about how they would jump onto the counter and drink her coffee right out of the mug and then she'd still keep drinking her coffee. Wasn't caffiene bad for poodle shepards? One time Westtemp fed his dog peanut butter and then pretended that Jojo (his dog's name was jojo) could talk. And he'd make him say the funniest things and like pretend that he had a job and how hard his day was at the bank or how he got stuck in traffic. Which was like the time when Westtemp was driving from South Carolina to Georgia, but then got stuck in some rainstorm and he *at this point the confessional cuts out*

*Tribal Council*
Ilus walks into tribal council and the discussion turns to strength and tribal community.


Vote 1: Survivor8

Vote 2: CrimsonEnnui

Vote 3: CrimsonEnnui

Vote 4: ...
and the third person voted out of Blog Survivor: Misfit Islands...

CrimsonEnnui, Three votes is enough. The Tribe has spoken.

Survivor8 smiles and keeps his head down. Thinking to himself "next time, read the room, Crimson"

13 Survivors remain, who will win?

Thoughts? Comments? What would your next move be? I love to hear from you guys, let me know what you think!



i haven't read it yet though so brb
Sent by maxiphone27,Jun 14, 2016
Lol bye bitch
Sent by Survivor8,Jun 14, 2016
LOL threedevils with his fishing gear!
Sent by maxiphone27,Jun 14, 2016
Im a freaking beast!!!!


Eliminate Mrbird's connection/friend

Sent by Dito,Jun 14, 2016
I'm really happy with this one :-) Hailey proved herself and won immunity for her team, and I hope she keeps it up
Sent by Haileyyy,Jun 15, 2016
Lmao I'm so annoying I love it XD
Sent by WestTemp,Jun 15, 2016

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