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Shop designer question

May 29, 2009 by UnnamedProductions
If you design a shirt and it goes into the shop, do we get it for free?


NO :'(
Sent by phanne,May 29, 2009
Sent by joeyjones,May 29, 2009
The designer should get 1 for free
Sent by EssexGirl,May 29, 2009
I agree lol
Sent by UnnamedProductions,May 29, 2009
i agree essex - i want my tengaged chocolate one
ALSO we cant find our designs azgain, there is no link. we have to save the hyperlink somewhere else! we should have 'Joanna94's designs'
Sent by Joanna94,May 29, 2009
Sent by Lucas1993,May 29, 2009
i dont think so...i think you still have to bet for it :-(
Sent by Glow,May 29, 2009
Sent by metslover7675,May 29, 2009

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